Terrorists posing as journalists had killed in Afghanistan just like the Atiq murder case

Terrorists posing as journalists had killed in Afghanistan just like the Atiq murder case

Atiq Ahmed Dead: Gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead by three assailants in the presence of the police on Saturday night in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The attackers targeted Atiq and his brother when they were being taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The police have taken all the three attackers into custody. After this massacre, questions are being raised on the law and order of UP.

The attackers had come posing as journalists to carry out this incident, on Saturday night at around 10.30 pm, they got a chance and opened fire. In which Atiq and his brother died on the spot after being shot. In fact, the three youths who attacked had kept the ID card of the press hanging around their neck. So that no one has any doubt on them. He also had a camera with him to show off. The video of this entire incident is going viral on social media.

Video of Atiq’s murder went viral

It can be seen in the viral video that the attackers are firing indiscriminately. People are giving different reactions on this. The opposition of UP is targeting the government. In such a situation, some people are seeing this incident by linking it with an incident in Afghanistan. In fact, something similar happened in Afghanistan too, when terrorists posing as journalists killed Ahmed Shah Masood, known as the ‘Lion of Panjshir’.

Let us tell that on September 9, 2001, Ahmed Shah Masood was killed. This incident shook the whole world including Afghanistan. In fact, some Al-Qaeda terrorists had come to Ahmad Shah Masood for an interview as journalists. Before the murder, the terrorists had spent about 10 days with Masood. However, he did not let anyone know that he is not a journalist.

The terrorists who were trying to kill Ahmad Shah Masood were waiting for the right time. While interviewing Ahmed Shah Masood, he got time to execute the incident. Even before Masood could answer any of his questions, the terrorists blasted him. During the blast, the terrorists had covered themselves with some equipment. In this blast, Ahmed Shah Masood died on the spot.

Masood was not like Atiq
Let us tell that Ahmed Shah Masood was called the Lion of Panjshir. He had got the status of Freedom Fighter in Afghanistan. But Atiq Ahmed had got the title of mafia-don.

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