This Best-Selling $23 Packable Sun Hat That Never Loses Its Shape Is a ‘Must-Have for Traveling’

This Best-Selling  Packable Sun Hat That Never Loses Its Shape Is a ‘Must-Have for Traveling’

If you’ve ever attempted to travel with a hat, you know how comically difficult it can be. You’re essentially left with the options of wearing it through the airport or shoving it into your suitcase with the understanding that it’s going to be a misshapen version of the hat you once owned by the time you arrive at your destination. Neither of those choices sound particularly thrilling to you? Well, we found the perfect straw hat for warm weather travel — and it Won’t fall apart if you pack it in your suitcase.

Well-suited for air travel and a great second line of defense for your skin against the sun is the Furtalk Women’s Beach Straw Hat, and right now it’s on sale at Amazon for as little as $23. If you’ve been hoping to level up your spring and summer style, this is the budget-friendly, best-selling solution to fashion and functionality.


To buy: amazon.comfrom $23 (originally $37)

This airy sun hat is made with a high-quality paper straw that’s breathable during the hot summer months while still effectively shielding your face from the harsh sun rays. The hat comes in two different sizes: ML and L-XL, and is adorned with a delicate ribbon and bow to help you channel the feeling of sightseeing on a beautiful day in the countryside. It even comes in eight different color variations so you can find the perfect shade to match your personal style.

Ideal for beach trips and bright weather, this hat is also lined with a sweat-wicking band on the inside rim that keeps the heat from getting the best of you, and a hidden chin strap can be pulled down to keep your hat in place on even the windiest place. But the best part is that the straw hat is easily folded into a small cone that makes it convenient for travel without worrying about losing its shape over time.


To buy: amazon.comfrom $23 (originally $30)

It’s no secret that shielding your skin from the sun is an essential anti-aging measure, and shoppers can confirm that this hat is a far more stylish alternative to a baseball cap during summer travel. In fact, more than 16,500 customers awarded this hat with a perfect five-star rating at Amazon, with one shopper calling it a “must-have for traveling.” They even acknowledged that “hats can be a hassle to travel with” but “this one rolls up and tucks away in the suitcase and pops back into shape like magic.”

Another customer agreed, sharing that they “have traveled on multiple vacations with this hat folded in my suitcase” and “it’s been wet and in the sun many times” but “still goes back in shape.” They even raved that it is “now my favorite hat.” And yet another avid hat wearer noted that they “have bought many beach hats from Amazon” and “this one is hands down my favorite.” They also noted that they’re “very happy with how it has handled normal wind,” swearing that they’ve “finally found the perfect hat.”


To buy: amazon.comfrom $23 (originally $37)

Lightweight, easy to pack, and the perfect accessory to accentuate any summer outfit, the Furtalk Beach Sun Hat is a must-have for warm weather travel. Not only is it a stylish way to take preventative measures for anti-aging, but it’s also currently on sale at Amazon for just $23 so you can head into the spring and summer knowing you have at least one essential travel piece secured.

At the time of publication, the price started at $23.

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