Home Tech This fun service will not be available in Spotify after May 5, why?

This fun service will not be available in Spotify after May 5, why?

This fun service will not be available in Spotify after May 5, why?

Spotify Hurdle Game: Music streaming platform Spotify has announced that the company is going to discontinue the Hurdle Guessing game from the platform after May 5. Actually, this is a kind of game where the users are told the opening tune of the song and then they have to guess its singer. The company started this game in July last year. In this music guessing game, a user gets 6 tries in which the tune of the song is gradually increased. If a user is unable to guess the name of the singer, then he/she can know the name of the singer by going to the See Answer option. Well now the company is going to remove this game from the platform. This is because the company wants to work on another project and is working on improving the music platform.

UI was changed last month

Last month, Spotify had changed the UI of the mobile application and presented it in the style of tick-talk. The company introduced the option of SmartSuccess for Playlist Recommendation and New Podcast Auto Play last month. Along with this, an AI DJ was also given by the company to the users on the app, which tells which music people are liking. For the time being, you will be able to enjoy Hurdle Guessing Game on Spotify, but after May 5, it will be removed from the platform. The company has also started giving flash messages. According to a report by Similarweb, this guessing game crossed a monthly traffic of 69 million in March 2022 on desktop and mobile.

For those who do not know what Spotify is, it is a music streaming platform that you can access on both mobile and desktop. Through this app, you can listen and watch songs and videos. Spotify is available in both free and paid versions. Users get some premium features in the paid version.

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Increase in sound library

Here Snapchat has signed a new contract and expanded its music library. Now creators will get to see more songs and variety in the music library than ever before. The company has signed this new contract so that the creators can express themselves in a better way around the world. ,

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