‘Vikral Aur Gabral’ actor KK Goswami’s moving car caught fire, a big accident was averted

‘Vikral Aur Gabral’ actor KK Goswami’s moving car caught fire, a big accident was averted

KK Goswami Car Caught Fire: TV’s famous actor KK Goswami narrowly escaped the big incident. The car of the actor, who played an important role in shows like Sh.. Koi Hai, Shaktimaan, Vikral and Gabral, suddenly caught fire. At that time he was present in the car with his son. The incident is being told of SV Road of City Center.

KK Goswami’s son was driving the car

According to Times Now news, Goswami was in the car with his 21-year-old son Navdeep when the car caught fire. His son was driving the car. At that time both were going towards college. The whole family is still in shock due to this incident. No one is yet aware of how the car suddenly caught fire. When Navdeep was driving the car, suddenly the car caught fire. After this, the fire brigade and the Mumbai police immediately reached the spot, after which the fire could be controlled. Now the police is probing how the car caught fire.

KK Goswami is active on Instagram these days

KK Goswami is very active on Instagram these days, he constantly shares his funny videos with his fans. The actor, who hails from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, used to run a theater in his village before coming to Mumbai. But later he turned to the city of dreams, Mumbai. He struggled a lot here, after that he worked in shows like Shaktimaan and Shaki Hai. After these shows, he appeared in Vikral and Gabral shows. His shows were especially liked by the children.

The full name of KK Goswami is Krishnakant Goswami. Apart from these TV shows, he has also worked in shows like CID, Shakalaka Boom-Boom. Apart from Hindi, the actor has worked in many other languages ​​like Marathi, Bhojpuri, Bengali etc.

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