Home Entertainment When Raveena Tandon’s name was written on bombs and missiles, this story is related to Kargil War

When Raveena Tandon’s name was written on bombs and missiles, this story is related to Kargil War

When Raveena Tandon’s name was written on bombs and missiles, this story is related to Kargil War

Raveena Tandon Kargil War: Sometimes a tree is seen as a sign of love and sometimes a wall is seen drenched with words of love. Such a scene is seen in the corners of almost every city of the country, where couples immersed in the ecstasy of love often chat. … But if the name of a beautiful woman is written on a bomb and missile… and not only the name is written, but it is also given as a ‘gift of love’ to the enemy country, then that weapon will definitely prove to be a very deadly tool. This happened in the life of a Bollywood actress as well, let us introduce you to that story.

Bombs and missiles became such an antidote

Actually, it is a matter of that time, when the whole country was staring at those parts of the border where Pakistani infiltrators had occupied and our Indian soldiers were not backing down from shedding their blood to get their land. . Surely we are talking about the Kargil War, when the whole world was exposed to the nefarious intentions of Pakistan. This was the same period when the bombs and missiles fired at the enemies in the name of Mast-Mast Girl i.e. Raveena Tandon were made more deadly. After all, what is that story, if you do not know, then know today…

When Raveena’s name was written on the bomb-missile

90’s era and Raveena Tandon… Just say that the discussion of the beauty of the actress had crossed every limit and border without visa-passport. This was the reason that the admirers of her beauty were Nawaz Sharif, the then Prime Minister of the neighboring country. It even went so far that Nawaz Sharif openly discussed Raveena’s charming style. Along with this, in an interview, while telling herself as her fan, she had also called her favorite actress. Now you must be wondering, how is Raveena’s beauty and Nawaz Sharif’s love for her related to Bomb-Missile and Kargil War, then there is absolutely no need to make your mind run, because we can tell you that. Let’s introduce you to the stories.

When a ‘gift’ was sent to Nawaz

In fact, when the Kargil War broke out in 1999, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif came under the target of India due to his policies. During that time the Indian Army responded to Nawaz Sharif in its own style. Actually, Indian soldiers registered Raveena Tandon’s name on bombs and missiles and wrote, ‘Raveena Tandon’s gift to Nawaz Sharif.’ The pictures of such bombs had become quite viral.

Raveena had said this

When the photographs of these bombs were published in newspapers and magazines, people encouraged the Indian soldiers fiercely. At the same time, Raveena Tandon mentioned these pictures in an interview after many years. She said that she came across these pictures after a long time, but if she has to be ready at the border to protect the country, she is ready to do so with full dedication.

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