Home Tech Who made the world’s first AC? It was not at all like today’s AC, the size will surprise you

Who made the world’s first AC? It was not at all like today’s AC, the size will surprise you

Who made the world’s first AC?  It was not at all like today’s AC, the size will surprise you

Willis Carriers: As soon as the summer comes, the use of air conditioners increases and in metro cities like Delhi, you will usually see a small air conditioner in every house. Be it home or office or school, air conditioners are installed everywhere. Air conditioners ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 1 lakh are available in the market. But do you know how the air conditioner was started and who made the world’s first air conditioner? Probably very few people will know about this. Today in this article we are going to tell you about this.

This person made the world’s first air conditioner

The job of the air conditioner is to cool the atmosphere of the room. AC converts the hot air of the room into cool air. Modern ACs present in the market today not only cool the room but also heat the room and purify the air. The capacity of AC is measured in BPU which is called British Thermal Unit.

The world’s first AC was made by Willis Hewland Carrier in 1902. Willis Hewland Carrier did his post graduation in engineering from Cornell University. After this he started working in Buffalo Forge Printing Plant. Due to the heat in the plant, the printing in the newspaper was not being done properly and the colored ink did not print properly on the paper. To get out of this problem, Willis Hewland Carrier invented the air conditioner. This invention of Carrier created a cool environment in the printing plant and printing was done easily. After this, on January 2, 1906, Carrier was allotted for the invention of US Patent No. 808897 AC. Then after this many people worked on AC and they were also allotted different numbers.

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The first AC made by Willis Hewland Carrier was so big that it could only be installed in companies. It was impossible to apply it at home. It is said that Willis Hewland started working on AC only after completing his graduation and got success in 1902. After this, Carrier opened a company named Air Conditioner and Heating Ventilation in 1915 where he started its production on a large scale. In 1931, HH Schultz and JQ Sherman made Window AC, the first unit of which was put on sale in 1932 and its price was $ 1,20,000 in 2015 dollars.

This person made the first window AC

In 1945, a small AC was made by Robert Sherman, which was named Portable Window AC. It was the first air conditioner which used to cool, heat and purify the air in the room.

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