After Sri Lanka and Pakistan, now China will trap this neighboring country of India in its trap!

After Sri Lanka and Pakistan, now China will trap this neighboring country of India in its trap!

China Afghanistan Lithium Deal: Another trick of China, which is busy encircling India from all sides, has come to the fore. After Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar, China is now in the process of starting a big project in neighboring Afghanistan as well, for which it has offered billions of dollars. If there is a deal between the two countries, China will invest in Afghanistan’s 1 trillion lithium reserve.

This news is going to create concern for India, because for decades India has been investing in various projects in Afghanistan for the people and the economy there. Indian projects were in jeopardy when the Taliban regime seized power there in August 2021, and many Indian officials, like the US, left Afghanistan. Pakistan was most happy with the arrival of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, while China also started spreading its foot there by giving greed of ‘wealth’.

Will invest in Afghanistan’s 1 trillion lithium reserve
According to the report of the Chinese media, the officials of the Chinese company Gochin recently held a meeting with Taliban’s Mining and Petroleum Minister Shahabuddin Dilawar in Kabul. After which Minister Dilawar said that China will invest in Afghanistan’s 1 trillion lithium reserve, and for this it has offered 81 thousand crores. Dilawar also claimed that his investment would create 1 lakh 20 thousand job opportunities.
On the other hand, the Chinese company has promised the Taliban that they will fix the Salang pass in Afghanistan within 7 months. Along with this, another tunnel will also be made.

Taliban wants – foreign companies should come here
Let us tell you that ever since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, due to fear, foreign companies started leaving their bags by folding their beds. In such a situation, the government of Afghanistan started facing shortage of money. Later the UN and its affiliated organizations started providing financial assistance to Afghanistan. However, this help is not enough. In such a situation, now the Taliban is constantly appealing to other countries to invest in Afghanistan. However, due to the issues of instability and human rights violations there, most countries are refraining from investing in Afghanistan.

At the same time, China wants to take advantage of these situations. That’s why China has now asked the Taliban government to accept its offer to invest in lithium reserves and get a huge amount. Global experts say that with this investment in Afghanistan, China is trying to fulfill its dream of becoming the largest lithium supplier by 2025.

What is lithium and why is it important?
Lithium is a mineral substance, it is also called “white gold”. It is mostly used in making batteries, the lithium made from it is more powerful and lighter than other batteries. Also, lithium-ion batteries last longer than lead acid batteries. In such a situation, while there are talks of banning coal fuel in the world, lithium is being seen as its alternative. You can understand its importance from the e-rickshaws running in India, which run only on batteries and these days the number of such small vehicles on the roads is increasing rapidly.

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