Bathinda Military Station Firing: Had already kept the gun hidden, everyone was sleeping only then reached…

Bathinda Military Station Firing: Had already kept the gun hidden, everyone was sleeping only then reached…

Bathinda Military Station Firing: The murder of four soldiers in the Bathinda Military Station firing has been revealed. On Monday (April 17), the accused jawan involved in the murder was arrested. Army and Punjab Police officials gave complete details about the incident in a joint press conference. It was army soldier Desai Mohan who killed the four soldiers with an INSAS rifle.

8 cartridges were also recovered at the instance of the accused jawan. The jawan had killed the four jawans for personal reasons. After the incident, he had thrown the gun in the sewerage pit.

murder due to personal enmity

The South Western Command Headquarters said in a statement that during interrogation, Gunner Desai Mohan of the artillery unit confessed to the police that he was involved in stealing the INSAS rifle and killing his four colleagues. Preliminary investigation clearly indicates that this was done due to personal enmity.

The person is currently in police custody and further details are being ascertained. The statement once again denied the possibility of a terrorist conspiracy. Even on the day of the incident, the army denied the terrorist angle.

killing everyone in their sleep

The accused has said in his confession that on the morning of April 9, 2023, he had stolen an INSAS rifle with a loaded magazine. After this he hid the weapon. On the morning of 12 April, he was posted on sentry duty. Around 4.30 in the morning, he took out the hidden weapon. Taking this, he went to the first floor and shot dead all the four soldiers sleeping there.

After this he threw the weapon in the sewerage pit. Later the weapon and additional bullets were recovered from the sewerage.

All the jawans belong to the same unit. Desai Mohan had personal enmity with all four. After the murder, Desai tried to mislead by making a fake story. The accused is a resident of Andhra Pradesh and was admitted in 2019.

The culprits will be punished- Army

The army has said that it does not tolerate such acts of indiscipline and the guilty will be punished according to the law. The army said that all possible help is being provided to the Punjab Police and other agencies to complete the investigation at the earliest.

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