Birthday party turned into mourning! America again shaken by firing, 4 killed – 15 injured

Birthday party turned into mourning!  America again shaken by firing, 4 killed – 15 injured

Gun Shooting in Birthday Party: There was an uproar in America when several rounds of firing suddenly started during a birthday party. School children also participated in the party. Everyone was enjoying the birthday party with their friends and suddenly firing started. So far the news of the death of four people has come to light in this accident and about 15 injured are undergoing treatment.

The birthday party was organized at a dance studio in Dadville city. The police is investigating the matter. Evidence is being collected from the studio. However, it is not yet known whether anyone has been arrested in the case or not. In fact, a senior studying at Jacksonville State University in Dadville had organized a party on the occasion of his sister’s birthday. He also died in the incident. His grandmother gave information about this.

Many children are in critical condition

A police officer told that tragically four people lost their lives in this incident and many people were injured. He said that children have also suffered serious injuries in the stampede during the incident. The condition of many of these people remains very critical. He says that the matter is being investigated seriously.

There was no fight before the firing

The police have appealed to the people around that if they get any kind of information regarding this matter, then they must inform the police. He told CNN that there was no altercation before the shooting. At the same time, hospital officials said that at least 15 teenagers are being treated. The condition of many of them is serious.

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