Home World Burqa clad boy beats veterans in chess in women’s tournament

Burqa clad boy beats veterans in chess in women’s tournament

Burqa clad boy beats veterans in chess in women’s tournament

Kenya: A shocking case has come to light in Kenya. Here a trickster chess player has made headlines because of his exploits. In fact, an open chess championship was organized in Kenya, in which a university boy disguised himself as a woman and participated in the competition wearing a burqa. In this competition, the prize money was kept at Rs 34 lakh. In the greed of money, the boy hatched this conspiracy.

According to the report of SBS News, the name of the young man is Stanley Omondi, who is 25 years old. Interestingly, Stanley did not utter a single word during the game, due to which no one came to know about his being a boy and he entered the fourth round winning. The trickster boy had registered himself as Millicent Avor in the chess tournament.

Suspicion happened like this

When Chess Kenya President Bernard Vanjala was asked about this, he said that in the beginning we had no doubt because wearing a burqa is common here. When his shoes were seen, they were masculine shoes. Since then there was doubt on him. At the same time, we also saw that he was not talking. Even when he came to collect his tag, he was not speaking. After considering these things, we examined him and found that he is a boy. He was participating in a competition by posing as a girl in a burqa, which was busted in time.

The trickster boy defeated former national champion Gloria Zumba and Uganda’s top player Ampyra Shakira, reports the New York Post. Due to which the onlookers were surprised. After being caught, the trickster student told that he was in dire need of money. Because of which he did this to them. The student himself told that he is a university student, as a result the student has been thrown out of the competition while all his marks have been given to his opponents.

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