Design Recipes: 9 tips to make a spring move less stressful

Design Recipes: 9 tips to make a spring move less stressful

Spring is a popular time for transition, especially when it comes to a desire for a change of scenery, which for some means finding a new place to call home.

Moving is one of the more stressful life transitions for both individuals and families. If you are looking to move during this season, here are some key tips to keep in mind.

1. Schedule your move at least one month in advance. Many movers are booked several months in advance, especially this time of year.

2. Avoid peak days such as Monday or Friday. You may save money on other days of the week.

3. Look to move mid-week and mid-month. The most in-demand periods are the beginning and end of the month, as well as weekends.

4. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Moving is a very personal experience. It may be best to use a company with whom someone you trust has had a positive experience.

5. Secure at least three quotes. The lowest quote may not be the best choice. Be sure to also consider a company’s reviews.

6. Bigger isn’t always better. Large companies have multiple crews, and your experience may depend on the movers assigned to your move that day. With a smaller company, you may deal directly with the owner, or at least get a more personal touch.

7. Looking to save on add-on services? Pack and/or unpack yourself.

8. Have pricey art or valuables? Look for a company that specializes in crating, wrapping and moving higher-end items. Not every moving company has this expertise.

9. Oversee your move personally. It is always best for you to be on site on the day of your move.


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