Google was scared to hear this news of Samsung, speeded up the work of updating the search engine

Google was scared to hear this news of Samsung, speeded up the work of updating the search engine

Google AI Toolbar: Open AI’s chatbot Chat GPT continues to be a problem for tech joint Google. The popularity of Chat GPT is increasing continuously and till now this chatbot has been integrated in many products and services. Seeing Chat GPT, Google has accelerated the work on its AI chatbot. The company hasn’t made its chatbot, Bard, live for everyone yet. Meanwhile, such news is coming out which has scared Google. In fact, in the month of March, some Google employees came to know that South Korean company Samsung, which is the largest company in the mobile industry, is considering bringing Microsoft Bing instead of Google search engine in its smartphones. On hearing this news, there was a sensation in the internal staff of Google because it was a big news and it was going to directly cause huge loss in revenue to the company.

Google will add new AI features to its search engine

According to a report published in the New York Times, this decision of Samsung could cause a loss of $ 3 billion to Google in the form of annual revenue. Along with this, the company has a contract of $ 20 billion with Apple, which is to be renewed this year. This is the first time in the last 25 years that Google is scared of a company and the company is getting setbacks one after the other. Meanwhile, Google is also working vigorously on updating its chatbot and search engine in a new way. According to the information, Google is about to add new AI-related features to its search engine so that people can get a better browsing experience. All the new features to be added to the search engine are being tested under the ‘Maggi’ project name. It is also being said that Google’s updated search engine will be much better than the current search engine and will fulfill all the needs of the user.

This challenge is in front of Google

Company spokesperson Lara Levin said in a statement that not every idea or product can be launched on a search engine all of a sudden. In fact, for many years, people search for restaurants, treatment of diseases, food, companies, books, etc. on the Google search engine. People do all these things on a white page where a search bar and company logo is placed. Lara Levin said that if suddenly the company changes this search engine, then it can affect the lives of many people because they have become accustomed to this white page of Google. Well at present the company is working on its chatbot and Google will definitely integrate it with the search engine in the coming times. But how it will happen will be a matter to be seen.

Let us tell you, every year Samsung produces millions of smartphones on Google’s Android software. When Google employees came to know about the news that Samsung is thinking of replacing the search engine, then the employees were scared of this news.

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