Nephew of Indira Gandhi’s killer arrested in drug racket in New Zealand

Nephew of Indira Gandhi’s killer arrested in drug racket in New Zealand

New Zealand: A drug racket has been busted in Auckland, New Zealand. Police have made a breakthrough during a raid on a local property in Manukau. During the raid, a large amount of methamphetamine, hidden in a beer can, has been seized. According to media reports, the relative of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s killer was also involved in drug peddlers, who has been arrested.

During the raid, a person named Baltej Singh has been arrested, who is the nephew of Satwant Singh. Satwant Singh was the same terrorist who along with his accomplice Beant Singh had assassinated former PM Indira Gandhi in 1984. Police has recovered a huge quantity of drugs from Baltej. However, till now it has not been confirmed that how many people have been arrested in total. Also, in what quantity drugs have been recovered.

According to media reports, being the nephew of Satwant Singh, Baltej has dominance in his area. Baltej is often hailed in the local gurudwaras. Often uses the name of Satwant Singh. Significantly, Satwant Singh’s brother and his family had moved to New Zealand in the 1980s. There was a small grocery store here in Auckland. This used to make a living of the family.

Baltej actively participates in anti-India programs

However, in recent times this family has become very prosperous. After the arrest of Baltej, his neighbors have expressed their surprise about his sudden increase in wealth. According to neighbors, Baltej actively participates in anti-India and pro-Khalistan demonstrations organized in New Zealand. Also does funding for such programs. It is known that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated jointly by Beant Singh and Satwant Singh, in which Beant Singh was killed on the spot, while Satwant and Kehar Singh were hanged on January 6, 1989.

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