Home World Pakistanis wanted to thrash the Chinese engineer to death for insulting Allah and then…

Pakistanis wanted to thrash the Chinese engineer to death for insulting Allah and then…

Pakistanis wanted to thrash the Chinese engineer to death for insulting Allah and then…

Pakistan News: Pakistan’s relations with China have always been good. Pakistan often keeps pleading for help in front of China. The situation is that China has made Pakistan an economic slave. However, after this news, there may be a sourness in the relations between China and Pakistan.

Actually, a Chinese citizen has been arrested in Pakistan under the blasphemy law. The Chinese citizen is accused of insulting Allah. In Pakistan, there is a provision of death penalty for the person arrested under the blasphemy law. The Government of Pakistan seems to be in trouble regarding this matter. This is because if action is taken against the accused person, then this thing will not be liked by China, in which case the relations between the two countries can deteriorate.

Chinese citizen accused of insulting Allah

Talking about the whole matter, a Chinese engineer working in a hydro power project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of China is accused of intentionally insulting Allah. Controversy started between Pakistani employees and Chinese engineers over taking a long leave in the middle of Ramzan. According to media reports, the Chinese engineer was furious over the fact that Pakistani workers were taking long holidays in the midst of Ramzan. Due to which production is being affected. Pakistani workers claim that the Chinese engineer insulted Allah during the dispute.

The crowd wanted to kill the Chinese engineer

After the provocative statement of the Chinese engineer, Pakistani workers became determined to kill him. Thousands of Pakistani workers surrounded the Chinese engineer. The police arrested the Chinese citizen due to growing controversy. Even after this, thousands of Pakistanis are protesting and demanding that the Chinese citizen be handed over to them. Furious people want to kill the Chinese engineer.

At one point of time, the ruckus increased so much that the army had to be called. Actually, the police was not able to control the protesters. Then the army took over the front. To control the unruly crowd, the army also had to do aerial firing. Along with this, the security of Chinese citizens working on the Dasu project has been increased. Earlier, 9 Chinese citizens were killed in a gruesome attack at this place.

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