Home News National ‘Prime Minister, if OBCs can’t get their rights then…’, Rahul’s attack on the issue of caste census

‘Prime Minister, if OBCs can’t get their rights then…’, Rahul’s attack on the issue of caste census

‘Prime Minister, if OBCs can’t get their rights then…’, Rahul’s attack on the issue of caste census

Rahul Gandhi Speech on Caste Based Census: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, during his two-day visit to Karnataka, fiercely surrounded the central government on the issue of caste census and OBCs. In view of the Karnataka assembly elections to be held on May 10, the Congress organized election rallies in the state’s Kolar and Bidar on April 16 and 17 respectively. Rahul has also tweeted a video clip of excerpts from his speech at the rally, which is completely based on the issue of OBC and caste census.

Targeting the Center and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi even said that if OBCs cannot get their rights, then move away. He claimed, “We do it”.

‘Taken votes from OBC, but what did you do’

Rahul Gandhi said, “It’s been nine years. Narendra Modi ji took votes from OBCs. You tell me what did Narendra Modi ji do for OBCs? Narendra Modi ji takes votes from OBCs but never gives power and strength to OBCs. Narendra Modi ji, if you want to talk about OBC, then talk about work.

‘We had got the census done, Modi did not make it public’

The Congress leader said, “In 2011, the UPA government was there, we had done the census. For the first time we asked the question in the census that you are an OBC, you are a Scheduled Caste, you are a tribal, what is your caste? The complete data is with the Government of India. Narendra Modi ji did not make the data public, it is hidden.

Rahul told these three steps

Rahul said, “Modi ji, if you really want to give power to OBCs, economic power, political power, then the first step is to make the data of OBC census public, tell the country.” How many OBCs are there in this country. Second step- You should remove the 50 percent cap on reservation that reservation cannot be more than 50 percent in the country. Third thing- those who belong to scheduled castes, tribals, give reservation to them as per their population.

‘Narendra Modi will never do this work’

The former Congress president said, “I know that Narendra Modi will never do this work. If you can’t… move on, we will. Don’t think that we will not put pressure on you, we are definitely in opposition, but first we will put full pressure on you. Will get the OBC census released, remove the cap of 50 percent and give reservation to the scheduled castes and tribals according to their population.

Let us tell you that because of the statement made in Kolar itself in 2019, Rahul Gandhi was convicted in a defamation case by the Surat court and lost his membership of Parliament. BJP has accused him of insulting the entire OBC community, but now Rahul Gandhi is lashing out at BJP by taking the name of this community.

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