The Satkhanda Palace of Datia is a symbol of unique art, the 7-storey fort stands without any support, know

The Satkhanda Palace of Datia is a symbol of unique art, the 7-storey fort stands without any support, know

Datia Satkhanda Mahal, History and Importance in Hindi: There are many historical palaces, forts or buildings in India, which contain wonderful creations of architecture within themselves. This is the reason why they are called the ancient heritage of India.

Talking about Madhya Pradesh, it is such a state of the country, where there are many luxurious palaces and forts. People from all over the country and abroad come here to see the wonderful artwork of these palaces. There are many such districts in the state of Madhya Pradesh, with which the glorious past is also connected. One of these is the Satkhanda Palace in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh state. This palace is famous for its amazing art symbol. Along with this, many interesting things are also associated with this palace. Although in ancient times, Datia was a state under the Bundelkhand region, which now comes in the district of Madhya Pradesh.

You will be surprised to know that no wood or iron etc. was used in the construction of the 7-storey beautiful Satkhanda Palace of Datia. Despite this, it is still standing firm after so many years. Also this 7 storey beautiful palace was used only for one night. That is, apart from one day no one ever stayed in it. Know about some such interesting aspects and its history related to the Satkhanda palace of Datia.

History of Satkhanda Palace

After the death of Mughal ruler Akbar, his son Salim became the crown prince. While becoming the crown prince, Salim changed his name to Jahangir. Bir Singh Dev had many favors on Jahangir. That’s why Jahangir made him sit on the throne of Orchha. A few years later, announcing the meeting of his old friend, Jahangir gave the go-ahead for the construction of 52 buildings in his empire, including a Datia place. He gave Datia as a gift to Bir Singh Dev. That’s why the Satkhanda Mahal of Datia is also known as ‘Satkhanda Mahal’ and ‘Bir Singh Dev Mahal’.

Why the beautiful Satkhanda palace of Datia remained deserted

Bir Singh Dev got Datia place as a gift. That’s why Bir Singh Dev himself or his family never used this palace. But once the emperor came to the palace and before going to Orchha stayed one night in this palace. In such a situation, the Satkhanda palace has been deserted for years and no one has used it till date except for one night.

Some interesting things related to Satkhanda Palace of Datia

  • Satkhanda Mahal was built by Bundela Raja Bir Singh Deo in 1620.
  • It took about 9 years to prepare Satkhanda Mahal and about 35 lakh rupees were spent in it.
  • Satkhanda Mahal is 7 storeyed, in which 2 storeyed building is below ground and 5 storeyed above ground.
  • Due to having 7 storeys, it is called Satkhanda Mahal. Apart from this, it is also known by names like Purana Mahal, Bir Singh Dev Mahal and Govind Mahal etc.
  • The seven storeyed Satkhanda has been constructed only by bricks and stones. No wood or metal has been used in this. Despite this it is still standing.
  • There are about 440 rooms in the Satkhanda palace and there is a courtyard or platform everywhere.
  • There are also many beautiful and wonderful paintings in the palace, which were made with organic colors.
  • Along with the temple of Lord Ganesha and Maa Durga, there is also a dargah in the premises of the palace.

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