Home World Went to pick mushrooms… ISIS killed 31 people

Went to pick mushrooms… ISIS killed 31 people

Went to pick mushrooms… ISIS killed 31 people

ISIS Killed Syrians: Suspected fighters of the Islamic State group killed 31 people in Syria. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has also reported the killing of four shepherds and the abduction of two jihadists. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 31 people were killed while gathering mushrooms in the desert east of Hama (the central city). However, earlier the agency SANA had confirmed the death of 26 people.

Syria has been fighting a war for 12 years and due to this it is facing a huge economic crisis. In such a situation, the people of Syria collect mushrooms in the desert and get high prices from them. Hundreds of poor Syrians are said to go looking for mushrooms in the desert or badia every year between February and April. In fact, vegetables become expensive in Syria during this season and Syrians used to go to the desert to pick mushrooms to eat. Depending on the size and grade, they can be sold up to Rs 25 per kg.

ISIS killed more than 200 people
According to the information, the jihadists have covered the desert with landmines. Although people are constantly warned by the authorities in this matter, but in spite of this, more than 200 Syrian people have lost their lives since February. There are 15 of these people whose throats were cut by IS while searching for truffles.

hide in the desert
Earlier, IS fighters on motorcycles had also opened fire on mushroom pickers and killed around 68 people. The fighters stole sheep and kidnapped two shepherds before fleeing. In March 2019, IS lost its last scrap of ground in Syria after a US military operation. But they remain hidden in the desert and their deadly attacks are still going on.

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