‘Will kill me after two weeks’, Ashraf had predicted death, also talked about sealed envelope

‘Will kill me after two weeks’, Ashraf had predicted death, also talked about sealed envelope

Ashraf Ahmed Got Dead: Gangster-turned-mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Khalid Azim alias Ashraf were murdered publicly on Saturday (April 15). They were gunned down in police custody when both were talking to reporters outside Colvin Hospital. This incident made Ashraf’s prediction come true which he had made two weeks back regarding his death. Ashraf had said that he would be killed in two weeks. He had claimed that a senior police officer had threatened him about this.

On the night of March 28, 2023, Ashraf had said, I will be killed after two weeks. Ashraf also claimed that a senior police officer has threatened him that on some pretext he will take you out and dispose of you. About two weeks later, on the evening of April 15, when Ateeq-Ashraf were brought out for medical tests, three assailants disguised as journalists entered the security of the police and gunned them both down.

What did Ashraf say?

On March 28, when Ashraf was brought out of jail, he told the media quoting a senior officer that after two weeks on some pretext, you will be taken out and dealt with. He further said that I cannot tell the name of the police officer who threatened me. A conspiracy is being hatched against my family. This is a conspiracy to defame the Uttar Pradesh government as well. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has been accused in fake cases, so he understands my pain very well.

‘A sealed envelope after my murder…’

Ashraf had said- After my murder, a sealed envelope will reach the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court and CM Yogi Adityanath. He had asked- do I look mafia? I am in jail for the last three years. I have been an MLA once. How can I plot from jail? I meet in jail under the supervision of LIU.

What about Shaista Parveen?

Ashraf had said about his brother Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen that she was about to contest the mayoral election and she was campaigning. That’s why charges have been leveled against him.

Let me tell you, Shaista Parveen has been made an accused in the murder of Umesh Pal. Shaista is absconding after the murder of Umesh Pal. The police has placed a reward of Rs 50,000 on Shaista. Umesh Pal was killed in a bullet and bomb attack on February 24.

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