Ajit Pawar rejected speculations of going with BJP, said – I am in NCP, will remain in NCP only

Ajit Pawar rejected speculations of going with BJP, said – I am in NCP, will remain in NCP only

Maharashtra Politics: The market of speculation about NCP leader Ajit Pawar joining BJP is hot. Meanwhile, now he has also removed the party flag from the wallpaper of his Twitter account. However, he himself has not yet issued any statement regarding these speculations. It is certain that if he joins the BJP, the politics of Maharashtra may once again boil over. Earlier, he had called a meeting of the MLAs. He did not even attend a rally of NCP supremo Sharad Pawar and MP Supriya Sule in Pune.

Now Ajit Pawar himself has issued a statement regarding the news of joining BJP. He called all the news of leaving the party just a rumour. He said that there is no fact in the news being shown. He has not taken the signature of any MLA. All are in NCP and will remain so in the future. Some MLAs come to meet for their area or for their work. Doesn’t mean they came for some other reason

‘Such news is spread deliberately’

He further said that such reports create confusion in the mind of the worker. We are all together under the leadership of Sharad Pawar. Such news is spread deliberately. He said that such news is spread to divert attention from issues like untimely rains, inflation, unemployment.

What did Sharad Pawar say

Various claims are being made amidst the speculation of Ajit Pawar’s rebellion. In the midst of all these discussions, a statement of NCP chief Sharad Pawar also came to the fore on Monday (April 17). Amid speculations about Ajit Pawar’s alleged rebellion, Pawar had said that Ajit Pawar is busy with election-related work. All these things are only in the media.

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