Are these different powders mixed in milk increasing sugar in children? No matter what company…

Are these different powders mixed in milk increasing sugar in children?  No matter what company…

Is Cadbury Bournvita Healthy: Bournvita preparation win… Almost all of us have grown up listening to these taglines. That is, most of the people of India have grown up drinking Bournvita. Cadbury Bournvita is used and drunk in every other household in India. Not only children but adults also drink it. But now the question has started arising in the mind about Cadbury Bournvita, is Cadbury Bournvita right for your health? This question started from there when an influencer created a video claiming that Bournvita is not a healthy drink, it is quite unhealthy. According to the video creator, even though this product claims to strengthen the immune system and your bones, drinking it causes many health problems. The person who made the video even said that the tagline of Bournvita is not the victory of preparation… but the preparation should be of diabetes.

This video became so viral that a war broke out on social media. There is bound to be concern over this. Because even today it is consumed with a lot of noise. After the video went viral, Bournvita clarified by sharing the post and sent a legal notice to the video creator. After this the video creator has deleted the video.

What did Cadbury offer in the cleanup?

Sharing the post, Cadbury wrote that Bournvita contains Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Selenium, which increases immunity. This has been Bournvita’s formula for years. That’s what we said on the back of the packet for years. Helpful for the healthy functioning of the immune system. Bournvita also said that it is advisable to drink 200 ml gram or bournvita mixed with cold milk. Per serving contains 7.5 grams of sugar. That is, one and a half spoons… more than this daily sugar is recommended to children. However, there is still a doubt in the minds of people that children can become diabetic by really drinking Bournvita.

Cadbury’s claims just fallacy: Scientists

At the same time, a scientist has supported the claims of the influencer. Scientist and liver specialist Dr. AB Phillips told that growth of bones and growth of muscles. The claims being made by Cadbury regarding boosting immunity and brain development are misleading and there is no concrete study to confirm them. As Cadbury said in its clarification that their product has been designed on scientific basis.

When he investigated about it, he found four research papers. It states in one that the caffeine content in Bournvita is higher than other similar cocoa based products. Another study showed that the sugar content in Bournvita caused an internal change in its pH. Due to this the color of the product has also changed. At the same time, a third study described the UNICEF Cadbury partnership as sugar washing.


What is the expert’s opinion on this?

According to Dr. Suruchi Goyal Aggarwal, Pediatric Consultant, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, it is a myth that children need any supplementing diet. Dietary supplements merely change the flavor by appealing to the taste buds. Whoever likes this test does not like to go back to the natural state. According to Dr. If your child’s diet is balanced, then the child will not need any kind of supplementary food.

According to Dr. Richa Chaturvedi, Senior Consultant Endocrinology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, one scoop of healthy drink like Bournvita means 7 to 8 grams of sugar which is equal to one and a half teaspoon of sugar. This is too much for today’s generation, as the lives of children these days are far more sedentary. Today’s kids do less physical activity than previous generations Kids today eat high calorie foods and snacks.

In such a situation, if you are feeding a health supplement like Bournvita to the child, then it is just extra sugar on top. According to him, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, so children suffering from it may not be much affected. But what is worrying is that early addiction to excess taste and sugar results in type 2 diabetes around puberty.

Only those with a family history of diabetes should drink healthy drinks.

According to another doctor, parents do not feed any turmeric powder to their children, considering the way teenagers are suffering from diabetes in today’s era, because the human body gets enough sugar from naturally occurring fruits. Which do not increase the level of blood sugar as fast as they increase extra sugar. Milk contains latent sugar and does not require additives. If your child eats fruits every day, he doesn’t need extra sugar.

Doctors advise to read the labels of all healthy supplements properly. She says that even if there is no sugar or any additives, or any extra color written on the label on any packet, but you must look at the carbohydrate content of the package. Doctors also suggest that especially mothers of children who – Fathers who already have a family history of type 2 diabetes should not give any kind of healthy drinks to the child.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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