Being tricked by friends, this man drank 22 shots of liquor in 90 minutes, died

Being tricked by friends, this man drank 22 shots of liquor in 90 minutes, died

Viral: Many times a person loses consciousness while partying. Being misled by friends, people are determined to do anything. Many times accidents happen in this situation. We are talking like this because one such incident has come to light. Actually, a British man died due to excessive drinking in a club in Poland. 

According to a Metro report, the British man who went to visit Poland took 22 shots in just 90 minutes. After this, the person fell unconscious in the club itself. At first people thought that this happened due to excessive alcohol, but after some time people looked closely, then he had died. It was claimed that the British man died due to alcohol poisoning. But the police reached the spot after investigation and told the real reason. 

Had entered the club for free entry 

According to media reports, the incident is of Wild Night Club in Kraków, Poland. Where the 36-year-old British man got into the free entry affair. Here he started drinking alcohol. During this, he became friends with some people. After being tricked by people, the British man drank a total of 22 shots of alcohol within an hour and a half. It got to the point that he fell while drinking. 

After falling unconscious in the club, people behaved extremely shamefully with the British man. The people present in the club looted the British man’s money and valuables. Police said that a blood alcohol content of 0.4 percent was found inside the man’s dead body, in which more than 0.3 percent alcohol poisoning was present.

Police told conspiracy 

The police probing the incident have accused a total of 58 people in this case, who were present in the club at the time of the incident. Some of these people have also been arrested. Those arrested by police have been charged with abetting a British man to drink and robbery. 

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