Home News National Bullying of sand mafia in Korba, youth beaten till he was half dead

Bullying of sand mafia in Korba, youth beaten till he was half dead

Bullying of sand mafia in Korba, youth beaten till he was half dead

Korba Crime News: In Korba district of Chhattisgarh, the spirits of sand mafia are high. They are not hesitating even to commit murderous attacks to make their business shine. A similar case has come to the fore, in which the youth stopped digging sand in his yard, then the people who were digging the sand got annoyed. They beat the young man with sticks and shovels and made him half-dead.

Then seeing the residents of the colony coming, they fled leaving the blood-soaked youth on the spot. The seriously injured youth has been admitted to the Medical College Hospital. At the same time, the police have registered a case and started investigation. Actually, Kiran Mahato reached his bari on Sunday morning like every day in Ratakhar Basti under Kotwali police station.

20-25 people were digging
During this, 20-25 people were present there, who were digging the desolate sand of Bari. The sand extracted by them from Bari was being loaded into the tractor. Kiran stopped him from digging sand from his yard. The sand smugglers were annoyed by this. They attacked Kiran with sticks and shovels. Due to their attack, the young man suffered serious injuries on his head, face and other parts of the body and started bleeding. Somehow Kiran narrated her ordeal to a young man named Suresh living in the colony. On the other hand, seeing the residents of the sand smuggler colony coming, it became nine or eleven. When the people of the colony reached the spot, Kiran was lying in a pool of blood.

The residents of the colony took him to the hospital. Where the doctors found serious injuries on the young man’s body during the inspection. He admitted the young man to the hospital and started his treatment. After the incident, the residents of the settlement became agitated. At the same time, the police reached the spot, explained them somehow and pacified them.

Collector’s orders defied
In this whole matter, the names of some Batra and Kalim related to sand smuggling have come to the fore. However, the Darri police have registered a case on the report of the victim’s mother and are investigating. Grandfather and grandson were killed after being hit by a tractor loaded with soil in Sitamarhi area. After the incident, the Collector had issued instructions to take strict action against those involved in illegal sand mining and transportation. On his instructions, the team of the Mining Department patted its back by taking sporadic action, but defying the orders of the administration, the smugglers continued in illegal mining and transportation of sand. They are consuming sand at high prices by excavating it illegally.

under whose patronage
Law and order situation is arising in the city due to sand smugglers. Where after the death of grandfather and grandson after being hit by a tractor, a blockade was organized at Sitamarhi Chowk. And now the smugglers brutally thrashed the young man. Despite frequent incidents, the mining department is not able to curb sand smuggling. Anger is growing among the people regarding this.

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