Home World Cocaine worth 36 billion was floating in the sea of ​​Italy, know the whole matter

Cocaine worth 36 billion was floating in the sea of ​​Italy, know the whole matter

Cocaine worth 36 billion was floating in the sea of ​​Italy, know the whole matter

Italy Cocaine Found In Sea: Two tonnes of cocaine were found floating in the sea off eastern Sicily, Italy. According to the market, the price of 2 tonnes of cocaine has been estimated at around 440 million euros (36 billion rupees). This cocaine was seized by Italian custom police officers on Monday (April 17).

Italy’s local newspaper Guardia di Finanza said in a statement that the cocaine was put in about 70 waterproof packets. The packet was sealed very carefully. It was put together with the help of fishermen’s nets and equipped with luminous signaling devices.

Police suspected the packaging style
The packaging style of the cocaine packet and the tracking system installed in it raised the suspicion of the police, after which the police investigated. In the year 2021 also, the Italian police seized 20 tonnes of cocaine from the sea.

The Italian police had succeeded in intercepting information about drugs throughout the year 2021. Italy’s Anti-Drugs Unit gave information related to this in the data released during June in 2022 last year. At the same time, Italian police officials informed that in the year 2021 itself, the maximum number of drugs were obtained.

Increased five times in Italy compared to the year 2018
Cocaine seizures in Italy have increased more than five times compared to the year 2018. In Italy, in the year 2018, 3.6 tonnes of cocaine was seized by the police. According to Italian police data, Italy is considered as a major drugs supply route. Here the Balkan criminal gang remains fully active in the matter of drugs.

While congratulating the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini on tweeting about the 2 tons of cocaine found in Italy, he said that congratulations to the Guardia di Finanza for this extraordinary operation. I am against all such illegal activities.

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