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Cover-More Comprehensive Travel Insurance Review

Cover-More Comprehensive Travel Insurance Review

Cover-More’s Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy is available for travelers up to 99 years of age, subject to meeting the acceptance criteria. Dependent children are also automatically included up to 21 years of age, provided they are financially dependent and are not in full time employment–making this policy a good choice for family holidays.

While Cover-More doesn’t state a maximum amount of credit card fraud it will cover in its comprehensive plan, it does say that it will repay the legal liability of illegal use and also provide a replacement. As for personal liability, this is covered up to $2.5 million.

Additionally, missed connecting flights are covered up to $3000, and there is cover for hire car excess up to $5000 as well. Cancellations are also covered, with the amount chosen by the customer upon taking out the policy.

Lost luggage

Yes, the Cover-More Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy includes lost luggage cover up to $15,000. Sub limits apply; however, item limits can be increased when taking out the policy if required.


Cover-More’s Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy comes with unlimited medical cover. This includes COVID-19 (as explained below) and some pre-existing medical conditions.

There are 32 conditions that are automatically covered in Cover-More’s policy, provided they meet certain criteria. These conditions include epilepsy, asthma, celiac disease and more.

Other medical conditions require an assessment to determine whether cover will be provided, and may incur an additional premium on the policy. Cover-More urges policyholders to disclose all medical conditions upon taking out a policy to ensure the correct level of cover is provided throughout the trip.

Is Dental Cover Included in Medical?

Dental is not included in Cover-More’s unlimited medical cover. However, policyholders are covered for dental costs up to $2,000.

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