Home Sport IPL 2023: MS Dhoni’s BIG Mistake Ignored By Third Umpire In RCB vs CSK Game

IPL 2023: MS Dhoni’s BIG Mistake Ignored By Third Umpire In RCB vs CSK Game

IPL 2023: MS Dhoni’s BIG Mistake Ignored By Third Umpire In RCB vs CSK Game

The Indian Premier League (IPL) season 16 has been witnessing several thrilling last-over finishes, and the recent game between the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) was no exception. The CSK team managed to keep their nerves to win the match by eight runs against the RCB team, who could have pulled off a stunning chase of 227 runs if not for their lower-middle order collapsing in the last few overs. However, many fans and experts believe that a wrong decision by the third umpire could have changed the game’s outcome.

Although the TV umpires are now responsible for calling front-foot no-balls, this time, it was MS Dhoni’s involvement in the incident that raised questions. In the 15th over of the innings, the CSK skipper, Dhoni, collected the ball from Ravindra Jadeja’s spin past Dinesh Karthik’s bat and bails rapidly. The stumping appeal went upstairs, but the third umpire, Michael Gough, adjudged Karthik not out as his foot was grounded.

However, the replays revealed that Dhoni had collected the ball just before the stump line, and as per the rules, the ball should be collected only after it goes past the stumps. If it happens before the stumps, it is deemed a no-ball. Nevertheless, the play resumed without any further scrutiny. While this no-ball incident may not have made a significant difference in the outcome, it would have increased the pressure on the bowlers with an extra ball to deliver.

Despite the controversy, the CSK team managed to stay composed and secure their win, jumping to the second place in the points table. However, Twitter was quick to point out the third umpire’s error and claimed that it was a clear no-ball that was missed.

Overall, the IPL season 16 has been an exciting and closely contested tournament so far, and such incidents only add to the drama and the discussions around the game. It is essential for the umpires to remain vigilant and make the right calls to maintain the integrity and fairness of the sport.


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