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Is the Indian education system hollow? Companies consider your degrees as junk

Is the Indian education system hollow?  Companies consider your degrees as junk

India is currently hoisting a lot of flags on the economic front. On one hand, the country continues to be the fastest growing major economy in the world, on the other hand, many giant companies from Google to Apple are headed by people of Indian origin. However, along with this, some worrying things are also emerging. The biggest problem facing India right now is to provide employment to the youth population who are rapidly joining the workforce… and the biggest hurdle in this path is the degrees of the youth.

Increasing every year. Workforce

A recent Bloomberg report has expressed serious concerns about the degrees of Indian youth. Based on the experiences of many companies in the report, it has been said that the biggest problem right now is qualified people. There are job opportunities, companies are in need, companies are looking for people, but they are not able to find people with the right qualification. This is the situation when every year millions of people are graduating from college and joining the workforce.

Indian education gap responsible

According to the report, job In the longing to get, many youths are taking two or three degrees, but even after that they are unable to get employment. In fact, the gap in the Indian education system is responsible for this, which on one hand is producing people like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, and on the other hand is producing graduates in bulk who do not have employable skills or knowledge.

Such institutions add to the problem

According to a Bloomberg report, the gap in the Indian education system is being widened by small private colleges opening in bulk, which do not even have basic infrastructure Not there. Many colleges are running in two room apartments. There are neither regular classes nor qualified teachers in such colleges. Apart from this, these colleges go on dragging old-fashioned courses and are unable to provide any practical experience or job placement to their students.

The things done in the Bloomberg report are not wrong either. Such educational institutions are openly found in every small and big cities of the country, which offer various courses and entice the youth to get jobs. In the desire of job, the youth fall in their trap. In such a situation, they have a degree, but in reality the value of that degree is equal to junk.

Half the graduates are not employable

Talking about India’s educational sector, It has emerged as a big industry. The organized education sector in India is a market of around $120 billion. The poll of such a big market opens with the results of a study by talent assessment firm Wheebox. The study of Wheebox states that due to the shortcomings of the education system, almost half of the graduates of India are not eligible to get jobs in the future. Many companies tell Bloomberg in interviews that India’s mixed education system makes it difficult for them to hire qualified candidates.

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