‘This will not last even for 6 months…’, people taunted Sana like this after marrying Mufti

‘This will not last even for 6 months…’, people taunted Sana like this after marrying Mufti

Sana Khan On Marrying Maulana Mufti Anas: Sana Khan, who once shone in the glamor world, is living her life very simply these days. Sana has turned away from the glamor world and is now living a happy life with husband Mufti Anas. Everyone was surprised when Sana Khan married Maulana Mufti Anas. At the same time, many people from the industry were also surprised by the fact that Sana Khan has married Maulana.

During this, Sana got to hear a lot against herself on social media. It was even said that Sana would not be able to survive in this marriage even for 6 months. But Sana proved all those people wrong. The actress herself had expressed her pain about this.

Sana Khan told her pain
Sana told in an interview that she considers herself very lucky that she got Anas. According to the Way of Islam YouTube channel, the actress said- ‘I am very lucky that I got Anas and such mother-in-law and father-in-law who adopted me in such a situation.’

Sana further said- ‘There were many people who taunted me a lot. I was told that it will not last even 6 months. I’ll be back to who I was. At that time I just used to say to Allah that may Allah give me patience, and show all these people how wrong they are. Perhaps when time passes, people will change their views. The troubles that I am going through, may Allah not let the girls who come after me and like me have to go through these troubles. Seeing Anas, the boys proceed to do so.

When Sana Khan met Mufti Anas
He told that when Sana used to go for Umrah, she used to ask for this prayer all the five times. He said- ‘I have gone to Umrah 5 times and in all the five times I asked Allah to guide me. Just get me out of this place.’ In the year 2018, the actress met Mufti Anas. He also told that in the initial phase, Anas used to call him as sister. In a talk show, Anas himself had also told about this that he had earlier called Sana as Baji.

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