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Who is the next number after Ateeq? Shocking claim of Afzal Ansari, said- ‘There were five shooters, not three’

Who is the next number after Ateeq?  Shocking claim of Afzal Ansari, said- ‘There were five shooters, not three’

Afzal Ansari Reacts On Atiq Ahmed Shootout: After the death of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf, the politics of the state has heated up. Opposition parties are constantly trying to corner the ruling party on this issue. Meanwhile, BSP MP from Ghazipur Afzal Ansari also gave a statement on the murder of Atiq Ahmed. He termed the Atiq Ahmed shootout as a big conspiracy, and said that the shooters were not three but five. He said that there is also a lot of talk about the fact that after Atiq, now Mukhtar’s number is there. But the one who saves is greater than the one who kills.

The BSP MP talked about the upcoming decision of the MP MLA court on April 29 in the gangster case against him and said that this case has been imposed on him in a planned manner and it is completely baseless. Afzal Ansari said that the trial of the case is going on in the trial court and he has full faith in the country’s judicial system and constitution. At the same time, he has strongly reacted to the threat to his brother Mukhtar Ansari’s life and the Atiq Ahmed shootout in Prayagraj.

There were 3 not 5 killers in Atiq-Ashraf shootout

Afzal Ansari said, Atiq Ahmed shoot out was a well planned conspiracy. He has said that Om Namah Shivay is chanted after waking up in the morning and how is the act. During this he raised questions and said that Kalnemi had also come in disguise and Ravana had also abducted Sita Maiya in disguise. He alleged that there were 3 not 5 killers in the shootout of Atiq and Ashraf and no picture of the two who were there has appeared in the media. If this is investigated then all the differences will be revealed.

Whose number after Ateeq

Afzal Ansari said that what happened in Prayagraj on 15th April was heart wrenching. It is being discussed that after this Mukhtar is the answer key but it is not like that, the one who escapes is greater than the one who kills. What is happening in the society today is not good. He said that you claim in the investor summit that Uttam Pradesh cannot kill birds in Uttar Pradesh, but such a big incident like the shootout of Atiq Ahmed took place. He said that in 2024, the central government will not even be able to touch the figure of 200. He also counted the figures of other states annexed from Maharashtra and said that the condition of BJP is bad, because revolution is going to happen in August and a big change will be seen, the one who is with us may not be with us. The Atiq Ahmed murder case will also be suppressed.

During this, the BSP MP also questioned the role of the media and said that he has faith in the courts of the country. False charges have been leveled against him against which he is strongly defending in the trial court, he clearly said that he is ready for whatever decision comes on 29th April.

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