Because of this China’s production is decreasing in the country, will the prices increase?

Because of this China’s production is decreasing in the country, will the prices increase?

Sugar Production In India: Sugar is a part of regular diet. Sugar works to give energy to the body. Although diabetic patients are prohibited from eating sugar. If sugar becomes cheap, the budget of the kitchen starts improving. As soon as it becomes a little expensive, the problem starts in the budget. But this time the situation seems to be getting worse due to decrease in sugar production. Sugar can be expensive. Let’s try to know what is the status of sugar production figures in India? Where is sugar production decreasing and where is it increasing in different states.

Sugar production decreased by 6 percent in the country

The central government is continuously collecting data of sugar production in the country. Sugar marketing year is from October to September. In the current season, till April 15, sugar production has come down by 6 percent to 3 crore 11 lakh tonnes. The main reason behind this is said to be the incident of sugar production in Maharashtra. According to media reports, according to industry organization ISMA, sugar production in the same period in the marketing year 2021-22 was 3 crore 28.7 lakh tonnes. But this year it has come down to 17 lakh tonnes.

Reduced production in Maharashtra, Karnataka

Maharashtra is a big state of sugar production. But sugar production has decreased here. Last season sugar production in Maharashtra was 12.65 million tonnes, which has come down to 10.5 million tonnes this year. At the same time, sugar production in Karnataka has come down from 58 lakh tonnes to 55.3 lakh tonnes.

Relief from increasing production in UP

The figures of the Indian Sugar Mills Association have revealed that Uttar Pradesh is the second largest state in sugar production. In the last season, the production of sugar was 94.4 lakh tonnes. This time it has increased to 96.6 lakh tonnes from October 1, 2022 to April 15, 2023. The central government has heaved a sigh of relief from the big figures of sugar production in Uttar Pradesh.

Production will be less by 18 lakh tonnes this year

ISMA has estimated for the marketing year 2022-23 that this time the country can produce 3.40 million tonnes of sugar, while last year sugar production was 3.58 million tonnes. The decrease in sugar production is a matter of concern for India. India is the second sugar producing country in the world after Brazil.

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