Cathay Pacific is giving away over 27,000 round trip flight tickets to fly out of Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific is giving away over 27,000 round trip flight tickets to fly out of Hong Kong

As part of the government’s ‘Hello Hong Kong’ initiative, World of Winners is a campaign that’s currently giving 500,000 free round-trip airline tickets away to travelers from all around the globe. The $2 billion campaign aims to help boost Hong Kong’s tourism and business industries while attracting foreign investors.

WOW has allocated 83,000 tickets and will be distributing them to those in mainland China traveling into Hong Kong from April 17 to 23, and 27,314 tickets for those residing in the Greater Bay area traveling out of Hong Kong to 46 cities from April 24 to 30. The campaign will gradually roll in in Northeast Asia and other markets from May onwards, and Hong Kong from July onwards.

To enter the ticket giveaway, participants must first select their city of departure or their desired travel destination, before filling in a form with their full name, email address, and phone number. Applicants for the giveaway must be over 18 years of age and have an account with Cathay’s membership program. Winners of the giveaway will be notified later via email.

Exact launch periods of other regions will be announced closer to the date. visit Cathay Pacific’s website to find details of giveaways for each region.

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