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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Participate in the Eggstravaganza Event

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Participate in the Eggstravaganza Event

Since its release, Disney Dreamlight Valley has become a major hit among gamers and Disney fans alike, and it’s no mystery as to why. The game is a combination of action and adventure as players fight off the mysterious Forgetting that plagues the valley and take part in the cozy life simulation that has made franchises such as The Sims so popular.

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s recent Pride of the Valley The update has introduced a new event: Eggstravaganza. This populates the world with pink, blue, and yellow Easter eggs for players to find. This event runs until April 29, so players have a limited time before their chance to collect all the eggs and craft all the limited-time recipes is gone, likely until next spring. Here’s what players need to know to participate in this year’s Eggstravaganza.


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How to Collect Each Easter Egg Color

Player finds a blue egg during Disney Dreamlight Valley's Eggstravaganza event

There are three types of eggs players can collect during the Eggstravaganza, and each has its own method of harvesting. The first type of egg that players can encounter is the blue Wild Spring Egg. These eggs are easiest to find when exploring the world, as they litter the ground of the Valley, waiting to be picked up by players.

The next kind of egg players can find while wandering the world is the Egg-celent Fruit. While picking eggs off of a plant may seem odd at first, nothing is impossible with the magic of Disney. These pink eggs can be harvested three at a time from bushes found throughout the Valley, with a fourth harvested egg available if players use a harvesting companion.

The most difficult egg to collect is the Spring V-EGG-table. To get this yellow egg, players must go to their crafting table with 20 Dreamlight, one Wild Spring Egg, and one Egg-celent Fruit. With each of these components, players can then craft a V-EGG-eatable seed.

Next, players must prepare a plot of land and plant the V-EGG-table seed. These seeds take roughly 30 minutes to grow if players tend to them with care and water often, and players will gain one egg from each plant. Of course, this egg is most efficiently gathered when multiple plots are planted at once.

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Every Eggstravaganza Cooking and Crafting Recipe

Recipes from Disney Dreamlight Valley's Easter Eggstravaganza event

There are five new crafting recipes and three new cooking recipes that come with the Eggstravaganza event, and each provides a fun new challenge for players to enjoy. The crafting recipes include the Over Easy Chair, the “Don’t Put ‘Em All in One Basket” Basket, the Spring Egg Bounty, the Sunny Side Up Arch, and the Spring Stall. Aside from the aforementioned eggs, players can get all the necessary ingredients from Kristoff’s Stall.



Over Easy Chair

  • 5 Wild Spring Eggs
  • 5 Egg-cellent Eggs

“Don’t Put ‘Em All in One Basket” Basket

  • 10 Wild Spring Eggs
  • 10 Egg-cellent Eggs
  • 5 Spring V-EGG-tables
  • 20 Fiber

Spring Egg Bounty

  • 15 Wild Spring Eggs
  • 15 Egg-cellent Eggs
  • 15 Spring V-EGG-tables
  • 50 stone

Sunny Side Up Arch

  • 25 Wild Spring Eggs
  • 25 Egg-cellent Eggs
  • 25 Spring V-EGG-tables
  • 10 Iron Ingot

Spring Stall

  • 10 Wild Spring Eggs
  • 10 Egg-cellent Eggs
  • 10 Spring V-EGG-Estables
  • 20

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The three new Eggstravaganza cooking recipes are Spring Chocolate, Spring Mimosa Eggs, and the Spring Egg Bowl. Once the necessary ingredients are gathered, players need only go to their nearest cooking station and use one piece of coal to start the cooking process.



Spring Chocolate

  • 1 Spring V-EGG-table
  • 1 sugarcane
  • 1 Cocoa Bean

Spring Mimosa Eggs

  • 1 Spring V-EGG-table
  • 1 Wild Spring Egg
  • 1 Egg-cellent Fruit
  • Basil

Spring Egg Bowl

  • 1 Spring V-EGG-table
  • 1 Wild Spring Egg
  • 1 Egg-cellent Fruit
  • 1 Cocoa Bean
  • 1 sugarcane

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How to Complete WALL-E’s Daily and Weekly Quests

WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

During In Eggstravaganza, players can speak to WALL-E to complete unique, spring-themed daily and weekly quests. Neither of WALL-E’s quests is particularly complicated, and they offer a fun new challenge for players looking to get as much out of the limited-time event as they can. Besides, WALL-E is charming and a joy to interact with. Disney Dreamlight Valley,

WALL-E’s daily quest is called “Blooming and Blossoming.” WALL-E tasks players with crafting a Pretty Flower Basket in which to gather flowers. To craft the basket, players need only bring 2 Red Falling Penstemons, 2 Dandelions, 1 White & Pink Falling Penstemon, and 1 Fiber to a crafting station. After crafting the Pretty Flower Basket, players can bring it back to WALL-E to complete the quest.

For WALL-E’s weekly quest, “Bunnies on the Run,” WALL-E asks the player to catch the bunnies running loose in the Plaza. There are five cute bunnies in all. After chasing down and catching all five, players can talk to WALL-E once again to complete the quest.


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