Home Fashion Do you drink water from other’s bottle in office? why it is considered a bad practice

Do you drink water from other’s bottle in office? why it is considered a bad practice

Do you drink water from other’s bottle in office?  why it is considered a bad practice

‘Giving water to a thirsty person’ has been considered a religion. Or rather say that it has been included in good qualities. But if your co-workers in your office drink from your water bottle daily without asking, is it right? Many experts consider it wrong and according to them drinking water from another’s water bottle again and again is considered a wrong practice. Most people going to office take their food and water from home. There are many people who go to the office taking their essentials with them.

While some people have such a habit that they definitely go to the office with their food, but a bottle of drinking water. No. If you are working then you can easily understand this thing. Some people have a habit that they do not go to the office with a water bottle with them and some drink all the water from the water bottle kept on the desk of others. But in many ways it is wrong to do so. 

It is wrong according to hygiene

Drinking water in other’s water bottle is not good for hygiene. Calculated wrong. Actually, if anyone drinks water from your bottle, there are full chances that his lips will touch the bottle. Along with this, you will also be able to breathe. In such a situation, if a person has a respiratory disease, it is possible that this disease can spread to others as well. 

Risk of spreading oral disease

< p>First of all it is wrong to drink water from someone else’s bottle. But even if you drink or give water to someone in your bottle. So do take care of one thing that from whose bottle you are drinking. Or whatever bottle you are drinking water from. It should be clean. 

Refuse at once

Many people happily let you drink water from their water bottle. But this is a wrong practice. Even if someone asks you to drink water from your bottle, you cannot refuse in the first instance itself. But if that person has a habit of drinking water from other’s bottle, then refuse the firecrackers. Because it increases the risk of mouth disease. In today’s modern lifestyle, take full care of your own hygiene because it does not take much time for any virus or bacteria to grow. 

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article are based on Do take the advice of a doctor or related expert before implementing.

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