Home News Business Here also Tata’s company on top, see the names of the best places to work in India

Here also Tata’s company on top, see the names of the best places to work in India

Here also Tata’s company on top, see the names of the best places to work in India

Tata Group is counted among the oldest industrial houses in India. Apart from this, there are many reasons, which connect people with Tata and Tata companies. One such reason has emerged in the latest report of professional social network LinkedIn. LinkedIn has released a list of companies that offer the best working environment in India. Tata group company has left everyone behind in this matter…

These companies after TCS

In this report of LinkedIn, the country’s largest information technology company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is considered the best company to work for and progress in your career. TCS has been ranked first in the list of Top Companies in India 2023 prepared by LinkedIn, while Amazon is second and Morgan Stanley is third.

The dominance of IT companies has reduced

< p>The list was dominated by technology companies last year, but this year it has reduced. The list this year also includes companies from financial services, oil and gas, professional services, manufacturing and gaming.

According to the report, 10 of the 25 companies on the list are from the financial services, banks, fintech sector. Are. Among these, Macquarie Group is ranked 5th, HDFC Bank 11th, Mastercard 12th and Yubi 14th.

LinkedIn India MD said this

Nirajita Banerjee, Managing Director, LinkedIn India In this climate of uncertainty, professionals are seeking guidance on companies to work for that foster career growth and help set them up for long-term success. This list of top companies is helpful for professionals at all levels to find job opportunities.

People interested in a particular company can now easily search for positions and related skills on LinkedIn, he added. Find people in your contacts who work there and ‘follow’ the company. You can also know about the possible opportunities coming in the future.

How the report is prepared

This list is based on the data available on LinkedIn’s platform. It has been prepared on the basis of eight standards. These include growth potential, skill development, company stability, external opportunities, company relationships, gender diversity, educational background and employee presence in the country.

So many companies ranked first< /h3>

Companies like Dream11 at 20th position and Games24x7 at 24th position have been included in the list for the first time. This shows the growing popularity of the gaming sector. 17 companies have made it to the list of top 25 companies for the first time, reflecting the strong momentum of the Indian business environment.

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