Pornographic video shown on Kindle, Google and Apple gave this warning to Amazon

Pornographic video shown on Kindle, Google and Apple gave this warning to Amazon

Amazon Kindle: Amazon Kindle Unlimited App which is known as Reading App. We also hope that this app should be used for reading, but unfortunately some children could use it to watch pornographic content. Google and Apple have raised concerns about Amazon after learning that children can view pornographic content on the Kindle app. Both companies have advised Amazon Kindle to strengthen its content moderation policy to prevent inappropriate content from reaching minors.

What is the whole matter after all?

Google and Apple swung into action after Reuters contacted the companies to inquire about access to pornographic images on the Kindle app. According to the Reuters report, many such contents have been found on the Amazon Kindle app, in which obscene photographs and videos have been found. According to the report, there are many pornographic e-books available on the Amazon Kindle app, which children can easily access. The problem with the book is that both of them contain pornographic images, which is not at all appropriate for children.

What did Amazon say?

Two families reported that their teenage sons downloaded pornographic content through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription service and viewed pornographic images on the Kindle iPhone app, Reuters reported. Responding to the report, Amazon said, “We try to provide a safe shopping and reading experience for our customers and their families. We take cases like this very seriously. We review all available listings.” are doing and taking action.”

Apple and Google warned

Many people will have a question that the issue is of Amazon, then why are Apple and Google speaking in the middle. In fact, the app is only on Apple and Google’s store. In such a situation, Apple and Alphabet have warned Amazon that the Kindle app can be removed from their App Store if the problem is not resolved. Both companies are concerned that children may have access to pornographic content, which is against their guidelines.

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