Russian sanctions loopholes: Is Switzerland profiting from its ‘neutrality’? | DW News


Is Switzerland doing all it can to implement sanctions on Russia?  And what are other western countries doing to prevent Russia from trading with the West?  According to a report in the Financial Times, some Swiss companies are using a loophole in Switzerland’s sanctions legislation to circumvent restrictions and are continuing to trade in millions of dollars of Russian gold and oil. DW talked to Anastassia Fedyk, assistant professor of finance at Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

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  1. other countries just pretend to be the good ones. It's never about the people, it's only about interests. We know who the big beneficiaries of this conflict are and it's not switzerland😅

  2. She males it look like the USA / Britain have all the great plans but the gas prices keep curtain people from getting ahead in the USA its costing just the same in everybody's pocket because wars are not for free you get in them directly under your owe rules amd guidelines .

  3. Sure no need to mention these. Showing off neutrality is just an eye wash where all of them are benefiting from the war. Although any Arm company gets benefit from any war. The benefit of states are at different level of hypocrisy.

  4. Watching videos posted by Russian content creators shows prices in Russian stores are way cheaper than ours. Their stores are stocked better than American stores. This is a joke and backfiring. Western lies never stop coming.

  5. Don't bring this biased pro American commentator on again. Get someone from the 'Global South' to make observations and a more neutral view.

  6. As someone living in Switzerland, the only true loyalty they tend to have is towards money. They know that political power changes all the time, money is a constant. The only reason they might pretend to sanction Russia (and they are masters controlling their appearance) is because trade with the EU is vital.
    During WW2, Switzerland sold weapons to both sides.

  7. Thanks DW
    Please showing how switzerland, turkey and many western companies still acting money its more worth then ideals!
    To many betray then they able to do it?
    Every supporting russian terror must getting punished for support, anotherways they doing it further. ..

  8. Switzerland is worse than any historic pirate hole in the Caribbean – since 1930s, they even made business with the gold teeth from concentration camps. And nowadays all modern heavy criminals have in one or another way a connection to Switzerland.

  9. So intimidating neutral European nations is the new norm, The USA, South Korea and the UK are all profiting, why not highlight their profits? Alliances of war dont last because they are short in vision

  10. You benefitted billions in WW2 show us your books to prove you are not repeating your horrible history of profit over mankinds safety and well being!!!🇨🇦😡😱


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