Should you sleep wearing a bra at night or not?

Should you sleep wearing a bra at night or not?

Women or girls like to wear different types of stylish dresses to make themselves look more and more beautiful and glamorous. But when it comes to the selection of undergarments, especially bras, then they have a lot of confusion. It is true that even today most of the women in India do not know what is the right size of their bra? What type of bra should be worn according to the body? The most important question is whether to sleep wearing a bra at night or not?

Some women believe that sleeping wearing a bra at night does not make them feel comfortable, so they take it off. On the other hand, some women believe that it is completely normal to sleep wearing a bra. Now the question arises whether sleeping in a bra causes any harm to the body? Network 18 recently talked to Hiranandani Hospital’s Breast Onco Surgery Consultant Dr. Vidhi Shah on this whole issue. 

What is the harm to the body if we sleep wearing a bra at night?

According to Dr. Vidhi Shah, there is no problem in sleeping wearing a bra at night. So far, no research has revealed that bras cause any harm to your body. Or sleeping wearing or opening a bra can lead to breast cancer or other disease or not. No such disclosure has been made. According to the doctor, you should sleep comfortably wearing a bra even at night. You will not have any problem with this. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a bra, then you should choose the right bra size and bra according to your body. Women who have saggy breasts should wear a bra according to their comfort. 

Why wearing a bra is important

Wearing a bra is also important because it helps your body to maintain proper posture. Looks. You fill confidence from inside. Wearing a well fitting bra makes your personality stand out. Also, any dress looks great on you. 

Which type of bra should be worn?

Whenever you go to buy a bra, one thing Always keep in mind. That the bra should be comfortable. Fit you in the right way. The bra should neither be too tight nor too loose. Be of right size. Some women sleep wearing loose bra at night but it is not right to do so. Because of this, the breast does not get proper support. If you find padded or underwire bra comfortable then you can wear that too. But the most important thing is that it should fit you. 

When not to wear a bra?

You should not wear a bra in such a situation when there is pus in the nipple of your breast. . Or any kind of infection has happened. If you have swelling then do not wear bra at all. When your problem is fixed then you wear bra. If you go to buy a bra, then take care of its fabric. 

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