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The solar eclipse and new moon in Aries are a recipe for explosive change

The solar eclipse and new moon in Aries are a recipe for explosive change

Aries energy is not known for subtlety, indirect aggression or leaving a party early, thus it should arrive as no surprise that the end of the cardinal fire sign’s season comes correct with a new moon, a hybrid solar eclipse and the onset of a new eclipse. cycles.

When is the new moon in April 2023?

The hybrid new moon solar eclipse on April 20, 2023, at 12:12 AM EST marks the official start of eclipse season and this round of revelations is taking place on the Aries-Libra axis.

Aries is the fire breathing, now means now, radically individual, punk rock AF, first born sign in the zodiac and Libra is the sign of partnership, prettiness, pettiness, compromise, diplomacy and duplicity.

Aries is the self and Libra is the self in relationship; in conversation, communion, codependency and conflict. This eclipse cycle will be forging and forming us through 2025 and includes a total solar eclipse next April.

This new moon eclipse is the second new moon of this lunar cycle. If you’ll recall, Aries season 2K23 began with a new moon that coincided with the spring equinox. The equinox new moon was the first of the astrological new year and apropos of this was absolutely rife with vitality and initiation, calling us out of the stillness of winter and into the active, insistent energy of spring.

Some real, bold b—hs—t.

Eclipses, like Aries folk themselves, bring a notable intensity to the dance floor and this solar eclipse, in the most relentless of fire signs, is no exception.

What is an eclipse?

ring of fire solar eclipse summer solstice 2020
An eclipse is an astrological accelerant.
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An eclipse occurs when a planet passes through the shadow of another planet, obscuring it partially or completely from sight. A solar eclipse takes place when the moon slips between the sun and the earth. When the moon blocks just part of the sun from view, it’s a partial solar eclipse; when it blocks the whole of it, it’s a total solar eclipse.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers the center of the sun, allowing the outer rays to form a “ring of fire” or annulus around the moon. A hybrid eclipse, which we’ll be experiencing on April 20, occurs when some parts of the world will see a total eclipse while others witness an annular eclipse.

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Aries energy is punk rock personified; loud, unapologetic and absolutely IDGAF.
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Eclipses ain’t about intention setting, seed planting and menstrual blood sipping, folks. They’re about to surrender.

The eclipse will be visible from the South Pacific including western Australis, East Timor and Indonisia. There are only two locations on Earth from which the hybrid eclipse will be seen transitioning from annular to total and back and both points are found in remote areas of the ocean, But take heart if chartering a boat isn’t in your budget.

NASA will be live streaming the occasion and we’ll all feeling the effects of the eclipse regardless of whether we can see it. When the sun goes dark, we go deep. The earth gets cooler, song birds cease their singing and our shadows ask to be seen. We’ll be rattled, we’ll be uncomfortable, we’ll be all the better for it.

Eclipses = astrological accelerant

This composite image shows the moon as it moves in front of the sun in a rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse as seen from Tanjung Piai in Malaysia.
A rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse will be visible from a few points on the globe.
AFP via Getty Images

Solar eclipses double down on the energy present in a new moon and require a different approach; It ain’t about intention setting, seed planting or menstrual blood sipping, folks. Neigh. We’re dealing with some cataclysmic shifts, definitive closings and unexpected inceptions as eclipses are the most powerful impetus for change. Because this new moon/solar eclipse is happening very, very close to Jupiter, planet of dumb luck, quick cash, full pockets, abandon and abundance we can rest assured that whatever changes take place are in the best interest of our personal expansion and to our ultimate benefit.

Shakespeare asks, “Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of ​​troubles.” Eclipses ask us not to suffer, but to surrender. Because this eclipse is happening at 29 degrees of Aries, the sign of the archetypical warrior, it challenges us to remove our armor, deconstruct our defenses and stand ready to be remade.

We don’t have to understand the plan to bow to it. Capitulation over control, my babies. It’s scary, it’s exciting; Trust fall, Jesus take the wheel, hand jobs on a roller coaster energy. Let go, let it be and set yourself free.

Aries folk and fellow cardinal signs Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel the effects of the eclipse most acutely. Look to see where Aries falls in your birth chart to determine how these changes might take form for you.

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