Home World The woman whose boyfriend refused to marry then cut her into pieces with a knife, then cooked and tasted the vegetable!

The woman whose boyfriend refused to marry then cut her into pieces with a knife, then cooked and tasted the vegetable!

The woman whose boyfriend refused to marry then cut her into pieces with a knife, then cooked and tasted the vegetable!

Katherine Knight Australian Killer: Your heart will be shaken after reading this story of a woman born in New South Wales, Australia. Here a woman named Catherine Knight, who had many men in her life. She became the mother of many men’s children, but she became so mad for a man that when that person refused to marry her, she lost her temper. Taking the opportunity, he stabbed the man with a knife and cut his body into pieces and cooked vegetables.

When the incident came to light, the police caught the woman and sent her to the hospital, where her interrogation was started. In that interrogation, he confessed that he had brutally killed his male companion, and made vegetable from his flesh. The woman herself tasted that vegetable, after which she regretted her actions. After that she was found lying unconscious in the same room. After all, who is that woman, and why did she commit such a heinous crime, let’s know…

Story of Australian woman Catherine Knight

According to the report of ‘The Guardian’, on 24 October 1955, a girl named Catherine Knight was born in New South Wales, Australia. Both his parents, Barbara and Jack Rogan, were alcoholics and their household was always in financial straits.

Father Jack Rogan’s behavior was not good. He often used to beat up his wife and had forced sex several times a day. Barbara used to tell all these actions of her husband to Catherine Knight. Catherine also told her incident that she was also sexually abused, and only her brothers used to do this.

She was 15 when she dropped out of home

These incidents had a bad effect on Catherine’s mind. Even till the age of 14, she could not learn anything in school, and left her studies. He left the house. She started working somewhere, but due to the bad incidents of her childhood, her nature had become irritable, so she could not stay anywhere. Once she started working as a butcher in a shop. It was the year 1973 when she had liked a boy of her age in the shop itself.

Worked as a butcher at a young age

Catherine was 18 years old, and both of them got married after some time. A year after that marriage, Catherine gave birth to a daughter. However, two months after that, Catherine went into Postnatal Depression. He left the daughter to die. Now she did not treat people with respect and her behavior had also become violent. When his mental condition deteriorated, the police got him admitted to a hospital. From where she was discharged in the year 1976.

Then change partner like this

On returning home, Catherine gave birth to another daughter on 6 March 1980. But, she used to quarrel with her husband. Due to which she got separated. In 1986 she met another man. When there was an affair between the two, Catherine gave birth to a third daughter as well. After some time she left the other man as well and in 1991, Catherine had an affair with a man named John Chillingworth. Where she gave birth to a son. However, after three years, Catherine left him too.

held the hand of a fourth man in 1995

In 1995, Catherine developed a crush on a fourth man. His name was John Price, who was 40 years old, divorced and the father of 3 children. At the same time, Catherine had also given birth to 4 children. Despite this, both of them carried forward their relationship.

From 1995 to 2000, Katherine and John were in a live-in relationship. She wanted John to marry her. But, John was not ready for this. There used to be an argument between them. But, Katherine loved John very much, so she did not give up on him.

pounced on John with a knife

One day Catherine attacked John with a knife. After this John kicked him out of his house. She did not return there for some time. But, then love for John awakened inside her, and she started thinking of ways to be near him. She knew that John was addicted to sex, so Catherine planned how she would have sex with John, after which John would agree to marry her. In this way, on February 29, 2000, Catherine reached John’s house. However, John did not find him home then.

Waited till night and..

Catherine waited for John. When she reached John’s house at 12 o’clock, John found her sleeping there. After this, Catherine got John drunk and had a physical relationship. She thought that in this way John would marry her. But, still got the same answer from John that he will not marry her. Hearing her ‘no’, Catherine became furious with anger. She started feeling cheated. Then she decided that now she will not leave John alive.

Vegetable made by killing John

Catherine went to her room and took out a box of butcher’s tools. Took out a sharp knife from it and reached John’s house. John was sleeping at that time. Catherine stabbed him to death. killed him there. Even after that, Catherine’s anger did not subside, she cut John’s dead body into pieces and made vegetables from them. His skin was hung on the door of John’s house. She wanted John’s daughters to eat their father’s flesh. But before that, Catherine first herself tasted that meat and vegetable.

Tasted the vegetable myself and felt remorse

After tasting it, Catherine vomited. He then repented what he had done. She started trembling and took several sleeping pills. On the other hand, when John did not come to office the next day, his boss sent an employee to John’s house. When the employee reached John’s house, he was shocked to see the scene there. In fact, he saw splatters of blood there, and Katherine was lying unconscious in the bedroom. The employee informed the police.

Court sentenced to life imprisonment

When the police investigated the house, they found that human skin was hanging from the door. On the other hand, seeing the meat in the kitchen, it did not take long for the policemen to understand what must have happened there. The police first took Catherine to the hospital. When he regained consciousness there, the police started questioning him. During interrogation, Catherine confessed her crime. After that, Catherine was produced in the court. Where he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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