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These easy measures get out of trouble, Shani’s grace showers

These easy measures get out of trouble, Shani’s grace showers

Shani Dev Puja: Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Various measures are taken to please Shani Dev on this day. Shani Dev is called the god of justice. Shani gives good results to the person who does good deeds. Whereas, the one who does bad deeds is punished.

Worshiping Shani Dev ends all the sorrows in a person’s life. Shani Dev’s blessings are showered by taking some easy measures. These measures work to get out of every crisis. Let us know about these measures.

Shani Dev will get blessings from these measures

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  • If Shani Dev has an evil eye, then a person should use black salt and black pepper in both the meals. Feeding roasted gram to monkeys on Saturday is beneficial. Along with this, applying oil on sweet bread and giving it to a black dog also protects from the evil eye of Shani.
  • If inauspicious condition of Shani is going on, then meat and alcohol should not be consumed on Saturday. Chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra Om Namah Shivay every day while worshiping to get rid of the ill effects of Shani.
  • Fill mustard oil in an iron bowl and put a copper coin in it in a dark part of the house. This improves the condition of Shani.
  • Soak 800 grams of black sesame seeds in water on Friday night and make 8 laddus by grinding them and mixing them with jaggery on Saturday morning and feed it to a black horse. Saturn’s blessings are obtained by doing this experiment for eight Saturdays.
  • To remove the ill effects of Shani, a black cow should be served on Saturday. For this, first feed him roti, apply vermilion tilak, tie molly in the horn and then bow down by feeding him laddoos.
  • Offer pure raw milk and incense here every Saturday by lighting a lamp of mustard oil before sunrise under the Vat and Peepal tree. On Saturday, take a black thread the size of your hand and wear it around your neck like a garland.
  • If you are suffering from half-and-half of Shani, then after dark on Saturday, offer sweet water on Peepal tree. After this light a mustard oil lamp and incense sticks, then sit there and recite Hanuman, Bhairav ​​and Shani Chalisa. This makes Shani Dev happy quickly.

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