Home Health Will Corona never end, know what the doctor of ICMR said on this…

Will Corona never end, know what the doctor of ICMR said on this…

Will Corona never end, know what the doctor of ICMR said on this…

The whole world is facing the corona virus epidemic for almost three and a half years. This epidemic not only affected the health of the whole world but also caused a lot of damage financially. Many crores of people around the world have come in its grip and how many lakhs of people have died due to this. Whose correct data has not been found yet. On the other hand, people are waiting that when will this disease end completely? Answering this question, the health expert says that the corona will never end completely, but it can be less or more. But it is difficult to predict that it will end immediately.

What do doctors have to say on the end of coronavirus?

In a special conversation with OneIndia.com, Dr. Samiran Panda, a senior member of the ‘Indian Council of Medical Research’, told that the coronavirus epidemic cannot be completely eradicated from the country. It can be like influenza after a time, it is quite possible. After a time it will reach its endemic stage but if you are thinking that it will end then it is not possible. For example, understand that the outbreak of influenza becomes more or less every year, in the same way the cases of coronavirus will come more or less every year. There was a time when influenza was a huge epidemic. But today it is in its endemic stage, that is, it is still present in the population in the form of sometimes less and sometimes more.

The condition of Kovid will be like influenza

According to the doctor, once the virus reaches the endemic stage, then annual vaccination becomes necessary for it. Kovid-19 is now in its endemic stage. He will come in the form of more or less every year. In the case of Kovid too, it is expected that it has reached its endemic stage. But even during this time the elderly will have to take flu shots every year. Like influenza spreads its outbreak every year. And then people get the flu shot every year. In such a situation, there is no need to panic. For your information, let us tell you that as the influenza virus changes its form. By the way, changes are made in the flu vaccine.

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