Charlotte native designs travel app that documents your trips. Here’s how it works

Charlotte native designs travel app that documents your trips.  Here’s how it works


Vida Travel App is designed for users to share, document and plan future trips.

A new social media app designed to help you highlight trips and scope out different destinations recently launched in Charlotte.

Vida Travel App allows you to browse things to do around the world and share your travel experiences.

While it launched in the fall, founder and Charlotte native Greyson Oxidine said the idea was born two years ago when he took a last-minute trip to Europe with friends.

“We didn’t really plan too much,” Oxidine told The Charlotte Observer. “When we got over there, we were all looking, and we just kept resulting to Google and the whole review-based system.”

While they could find many recommended attractions online, he noticed no outlet focused on the journey to these popular destinations.

“After realizing there wasn’t anything out there, I really dove into the whole concept of creating a platform that we can be able to allow individuals to share their personal experiences and why it was different for them,” Oxidine explained. “The platform is really focused on sharing those experiences and kind of using it as your own personal travel journal.”

Highlight your favorite destinations, organize trips

Oxidine says the free app allows users to share, document, and plan future trips. Right now, it’s only available in the Apple app store, but the team plans to roll it out in the Google Play store soon.

When you sign up, you can personalize content by selecting regions that interest you and activities you enjoy most on trips.

Aside from posting photos, you can pin locations to an interactive map, save articles and activities about different destinations and follow other users.

“Ultimately, we’re looking to be that one-stop shop for all your travel needs and find the content for you to better your experiences,” Oxidine said.

Brand has special meaning

Oxidine has a personal connection to the brand beyond the app’s concept. The bird in the company’s logo isn’t just a representation of freedom and exploration but of his late mother, Lisa.

She died shortly after he graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2017, but Oxidine says she spent the last few years of her life traveling with family.

”For her, it was just like nothing’s promised tomorrow. You know, you really got to go out there and spend time creating experiences with the people that you love,” he said.

When the Vida team was brainstorming a logo for the app, Oxidine got a sign that a bird would be the perfect choice for the brand when one landed in his hand.

”It’s kind of like a symbol of how I can communicate with my mother,” Oxidine explained. “It really was a full circle moment for me.”

Grayson Oxidine

Connecting with travelers offline

Oxidine said their team plans to host in-person events for travelers to connect. Their first is scheduled on April 29 in uptown at VBGB Beer Hall.

“We’re thinking that we can bring that community together so that they can network with other people who like to travel and hear about other experiences,” Oxidine said. “You know, bettering the experiences outside the application.”

This story was originally published April 20, 2023 at 10:00 AM.

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