Home Fashion Eating and drinking during eclipse is like poison, but this remedy is effective

Eating and drinking during eclipse is like poison, but this remedy is effective

Eating and drinking during eclipse is like poison, but this remedy is effective

Solar Eclipse 2023 in April: The first solar eclipse of the year 2023 is falling on Thursday, 20 April 2023. Sutak is applied 12 hours before the solar eclipse and many works like worship are prohibited. But along with this, eating and drinking is also considered prohibited during the eclipse. Even in the family, you must have often heard from the elders that neither food nor cooking should be done during the eclipse.

At the same time, in the scriptures also, the food eaten during the eclipse is considered like poison. But do you know what is the reason for this? Why food should not be taken during eclipse and what happens if food is eaten due to any reason.

according to the scriptures

dharma reels

It has been said in Skandpuran that eating food is prohibited in both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. On the other hand, even pre-cooked food should not be eaten after the eclipse is over. It has also been said in Skandpuran that, all the virtuous deeds of a person who eats during an eclipse are finished.

scientific reason

Not only from religious point of view but also from scientific point of view, eating food during eclipse is considered wrong. According to scientists, due to the absence of sunlight during the solar eclipse, many types of bacteria become active, which contaminates cooked food and your health can deteriorate by eating such food.

These remedies are very effective

  • There are many types of food items at home, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, curd etc. If you put Kush or Tulsi leaves in all these things before the eclipse, then it can be used after the eclipse is over. But keep in mind that after the eclipse is over, the Kush or Tulsi leaves should not be taken out. Take it out.
  • After the eclipse is over, first of all clean the house and take a bath. After this, sprinkle Ganges water all over the house and eat food only after this. Because during the eclipse there are many germs in the atmosphere, which stick in our house and body. That’s why it is necessary to take bath and sprinkle Gangajal at home after the eclipse.
  • If you have cooked food before eclipse, then cooked food should not be eaten after eclipse or eclipse. It is better to give up such food.
  • Tulsi leaves are kept in the food items during eclipse because the harmful rays emanating from the mercury present in Tulsi during the eclipse do not affect the food. But if you don’t have Tulsi, you can also add Kush.

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