Home News National Effect of ‘Jharkhand Bandh’ in six districts of Santal Pargana, queue of vehicles in Dumka and Sahibganj

Effect of ‘Jharkhand Bandh’ in six districts of Santal Pargana, queue of vehicles in Dumka and Sahibganj

Effect of ‘Jharkhand Bandh’ in six districts of Santal Pargana, queue of vehicles in Dumka and Sahibganj

Jharkhand Bandh News: The ‘Jharkhand bandh’ of student organizations had a wide impact in six districts including Dumka. Irrespective of the scorching sun, the students blocked the road and stopped the traffic in Dumka and Sahibganj. Due to the jam, there was a long queue of vehicles on both sides of the road. Shops and establishments remained closed in six districts of Santal Paragana. The wheels of the bus stopped on the roads.

There was complete silence in the bus depot. The passengers had to face difficulties. The administration had deployed the police force as a precautionary measure. Jharkhand bandh remained peaceful in Santal Paragana. A strange sight appeared amid the Jharkhand bandh. Foreign tourists from London raised slogans along with the jam supporters.

Performance with drummers and traditional weapons

Foreign tourists were returning to West Bengal from Rikhia Dham in Deoghar. The protesters took to the streets with drums and traditional weapons. Students shouted slogans against the Chief Minister. The protesters are demanding the government to implement the Khatian based planning policy of 1932. Student leader Shyamdev Hembram said that the Hemant government of the state is misleading the tribal students by bringing the 60:40 planning policy.

He alleged that the future of students and unemployed youth in Jharkhand is being played with. Local youth are being given priority in jobs in Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

‘Soren government cheating in the name of planning policy’

The reservation percentage of youth from other states is also less. He said that 23 years have passed since Jharkhand became a separate state, but be it the ruling party or the opposition, everyone worked to cheat and mislead the youth in the name of planning policy. No government made a clear planning policy. Shyamdev Hembram said that 60 percent reservation is already there, but why is the government giving 40 percent reservation to outsiders.

On the one hand Hemant government is sending out the mineral wealth of Jharkhand and on the other hand it is working to provide jobs to outside students in Jharkhand. Tribal native students of Jharkhand will not tolerate the government’s policy. Student leader Rajeev Baski said that the Hemant government has made Jharkhand a pasture. Many times the constitutional battle was fought for rights and rights, but even a louse was not crawling in the ears of the government. He warned that if the 60:40 planning policy is not withdrawn, economic blockade will be done in the coming times.

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