Home News Business Indian Airlines created a bumper record, carried 128.93 lakh domestic passengers

Indian Airlines created a bumper record, carried 128.93 lakh domestic passengers

Indian Airlines created a bumper record, carried 128.93 lakh domestic passengers

Domestic Flights 2023: The first quarter of the year 2023 has been very good for aviation. There has been a great boom in flying at home and abroad. According to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), 128.93 lakh passengers flew in the sky in March. About 375.04 lakh people have taken domestic flights in the first quarter of the year 2023, making it the best first quarter ever for Indian aviation.

This figure has come to the fore at a time when the airlines have faced many challenges. This also includes the shortages of the plane, which has affected Indigo and GoFirst the most. Although Indigo had more than half the market in March and no other airlines could manage even 10 percent.

IndiGo’s maximum flight expansion and Air India out

IndiGo has the largest flight market size in the country. During the first quarter of the year 2023, the market share has been 55.7 percent. This airlines has given the best performance during March, which has carried 73.17 lakh passengers. For the first time, Indigo has carried more than 70 lakh passengers in a month.

Despite the grounding of the planes, IndiGo is ramping up its utilization and grounding its flights. Even increasing capacity whenever possible. Air India was pushed to number three by Vistara in March. However, Air India closed the quarter as the second largest airline in the country.

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Tata’s three airlines have this much stake

There are currently three airlines of Tata Group in the market. All’s market share now stands at 25.1 percent, about five percent less than their target of 30 percent under the Vihaan.ai transformation plan. Air India has the highest capacity in this. After this is Vistara.

GoFirst and SpiceJet downsize sharply

SpiceJet was at number two but has fallen rapidly. The airline has moved up to the sixth position in March and the quarter in terms of market share. The airline that announced the addition of additional MAX aircraft in Q4CY22 has not added any aircraft. The airline expanded capacity through wet lease for a short period, but has seen its own fleet reduced. GoFirst has also seen a decline in market share during March. Its traffic has fallen below Air Asia India, which is a Tata Group airline, and is ranked fourth.

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