RUSSIAN Cash Crisis – Ruble CRASHING Against US Dollar, Yuan & Rupee as Russian Economy Slumps


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Russia’s Invasion of UKRAINE has caused Major Problems for the Russian Economy as Trade with Europe & the West has collapsed and Changes to the Global Supply Chain caused by the SANCTIONS have caused further problems. The value of the Russian Ruble has COLLAPSED over the past 6 months against the US Dollar, the Chinese Yuan & the Indian Rupee and this is bad news for the Russian Economy. In this video I discuss this issue in more detail and discuss the implications for Russia.

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  1. All these pretend currencies are eventually pegged to the dollar, never to their domestic economy's strength, especially the Yuan, which value is manipulated anyway. Take away the peg, and all these toilet paper currencies crash. The Chinese economy may seem solid, but it is a giant on quick sand…

  2. People were thinking Putin was playing 4D chess. Even with the firing of multiple generals and multiple threats of nukes. He's struggling to take Ukraine and his only allies are literally taking advantage of them.

  3. Minor point, but a ratio like 1:80 gives no indication whether the respective currencies are "stronger" or not relative to each other. Purchasing power per unit currency is a term without any real world meaning without adding further context. If Russia overnight switched to a currency that was a 100Rouble unit that wouldn't make the new R1:$1.25 ratio mean that the rouble was now stronger than the dollar.

  4. Agreed, the atupid Russians should learn from the British whose economy is doing so well and whose pound sterling has risen so strongly against the US Dollar during the past 12 months. Only the West know how to manage their economies very well whereas the Russian economy is headed toward a depression and high inflation.

  5. It is such a shame that you have started to introduce these gratuitous images. I find them an embarrassment, an insult to my intelligence and a huge distraction. I had to turn the picture off in order to listen to your summary.

  6. Hi Joe, I love your videos. May I make a technical suggestion? Show yourself more often. 🙂 Those unrelated stock photo people and faces without any connection to the content are confusing. I liked you better.

  7. the only winners here is china who is buying from russia cheaply and everyone else is suffering with sanctions yet china doesn't care and sells weapons to russia.

  8. Jim Sim…don't make apologies about the spelling IT IS the Americans who can't spell they want to change English into a foreign language … ENGLISH is ENGLISH .

  9. In the video, it is discussed how the Russian economy is struggling due to the drop in oil prices and the economic sanctions imposed by Western countries. This has led to a decrease in the value of the ruble against major currencies such as the US dollar, the yuan, and the rupee.

    The Russian government has tried to stabilize the economy by increasing interest rates, but this has led to a decrease in economic growth. Additionally, the country's dependence on oil and gas exports has left it vulnerable to global market fluctuations.

    As for advice, it is important for the Russian government to diversify the country's economy away from its dependence on oil and gas exports. This could be achieved through investments in other industries, such as technology, manufacturing, and tourism. Furthermore, the government should continue to implement policies that encourage domestic production and consumption, as well as reduce reliance on imports. Additionally, it may be necessary to consider measures such as currency controls to prevent further depreciation of the ruble.

  10. This is hillarious, the ruble goes to .012 when the prewar value was .013 and Joe says the economy will crash….meanwhile the inflation in the US was cooking a major bank failure (SVB) and Joe says ….mutis….and then report after the facts….

  11. English words do not have an extra letter. Lazy or incompetent American bastardizations have one less. Rouble has one spelling only,as does gaol, litre, metre, centre and neighbour.

  12. Thank you for your videos and your channel! Here are my videos with facts and proofs about Russian aggression in Ukraine: Playlist Briefly about Ukraine (this is a short version – just the facts). Here are proofs about Russian attack of Crimea in depth: The War in Ukraine 2014

    And more:
    Putin Admits: Crimea Belongs to Ukraine. August 30, 2008

    Russian FSB Officer Strelkov Admits: 'I Started the War in Ukraine'

    Who is Responsible for the War in Donbass (Ukraine). Facts, Evidence and Proofs.

    Who’s Fault is The War in Donbass. Separatist Leader fires a grenade launcher at civilians. Proofs

    Why Russia is an Aggressor State. Facts About the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.


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