Home Entertainment Topless photoshoot created panic, name associated with underworld, today Mamta is living the life of Sadhvi

Topless photoshoot created panic, name associated with underworld, today Mamta is living the life of Sadhvi

Topless photoshoot created panic, name associated with underworld, today Mamta is living the life of Sadhvi

Mamta Kulkarni Birthday: Mamta Kulkarni was one of the most popular actresses of Bollywood in the 90s. He made millions crazy with his impeccable style, glamorous style. This actress with a cute face and intoxicating eyes had become a sensation in that decade. Mamta had done films with Bollywood superstars Salman to Aamir Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar and Sunny Deol. Mamta had got stardom and the fans started feeling that she would soon become the Lady Superstar of B-Town. But perhaps something else was written in Mamta’s fate. Where on the one hand Mamta was climbing the stairs of success, on the other hand she was getting embroiled in controversies. Let us know all the things including the controversies related to Mamta on her birthday today.

Mamta hastricolor’ Started acting career with film
Mamta acted in many films in the 90s. In 1992, he started his acting career with the film Tiranga. After this, in 1993, he did Aashiq Awara and this film was a super-duper hit. With this, Mamta also became a big actress. Later, Mamta did Karan-Arjun and this film was a block buster. Mamta’s last released film was Kabhi Tum Kabhi Hum in the year 2002.

was called the rejection queen
Mamta was earning a name in films and by working with all the super stars, she had joined the list of big actresses. Stardom was beginning to dominate him. At the same time, every director also wanted to take Mamta in his films, but the actress was signing only a few projects and rejected every offer that came her way. Because of this, she was given the tag of Rejection Queen.

Mamta Kulkarni created panic by doing topless photoshoot
Mamta Kulkarni created a stir in 1993 by doing a topless photoshoot for Stardust magazine. There was a lot of controversy over his photoshoot. There was a lot of uproar as soon as the magazine came in the market. This magazine was sold out of the stall in just 12 hours and was even being sold in black. Mamta was also accused of spreading obscenity for getting a topless photoshoot done and a case was also registered against her. Later Mamta was acquitted of this case after paying a fine of 15 thousand but she was getting death threats. Mamta’s popularity had increased further after this controversy.

Mamta Kulkarni’s name linked to underworld
During this, Mamta’s name was also associated with the underworld. His name was being associated with underworld don Chhota Rajan. If media reports are to be believed, Mamta used to openly threaten filmmakers to cast her in films due to her association with the underworld.

Mamta has drug mafia vicky se Married in 2002
Surrounded by all the controversies, Mamta married drug mafia Vicky Goswami in the year 2002. After marrying Vicky, Mamta left Bollywood and settled in Kenya with her husband. However, Mamta once again came in the headlines when the news came that the police had unearthed a big drug racket and the name of the actress’s husband Vicky Goswami also came to the fore. According to media reports, Mamta was also arrested at Kenya airport on charges of drug smuggling, though she was later released.

mamta kulkarni has become sadhvi
Mamta, who once injured millions with her beauty, has now turned towards spirituality. She has become a sadhvi. Today Mamta is living a simple life away from the glare of films. An autobiography ‘Autobiography by Yogini’ has also been written on Mamta’s life.

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