Home News Business Watch: Air Passenger Loses Temper Over A Crying Baby On Flight, Yells At Crew

Watch: Air Passenger Loses Temper Over A Crying Baby On Flight, Yells At Crew

Watch: Air Passenger Loses Temper Over A Crying Baby On Flight, Yells At Crew

Incidents of air rage are on the rise, and in the most recent incident, a crying baby on a plane became the reason for the aggressive behavior of a passenger. The incident occurred on a Southwest Airlines plane flying to Florida. The video of the incident was recorded by one of the passengers onboard and was shared on social media. Now, the video is going viral on the internet, showing the annoyed man yelling profanities. The agitated man onboard caused trouble for both the baby’s parents and the flight crew members onboard.

Fox 35 Orlando quotes a passenger saying that the plane was on its way from Fort Lauderdale to Hollywood International Airport when the incident happened. Furthermore, the unfavorable weather delayed the plane by an hour. The journey for the travelers got even longer when the plane was diverted to Orlando International Airport.

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The video of the angry passenger was initially uploaded on TikTok and was then shared on various social media platforms. In the video, the angry passenger can be seen trading arguments with the crew members.

When the flight crew members try to calm down the angry man, he gets even more aggressive with his words and starts yelling profanities. Furthermore, the woman sitting beside her can be seen getting upset with the yelling. Another part of the video shows the man talking to the Southwest Airlines staff after the plane landed in Orlando. By the end of the video, he can be seen escorted by the police officers out of the airport.

The video has got over 5 million views on Twitter and continues to get more. Along with these views, many social media users expressed their views on the internet. While some berated the passenger for yelling, others sided with him on the issue. Commenting on the post, a social media user said, “It’s bad parenting when kids fuss for that long. Poor napping, food, and emotional nurturing management. Simple as that. Also, if they normally spank the child at home to get it quiet and cannot spank it on the plane, they have conditioned it not to know how to calm down through other means.”

The incident on the Southwest Airlines plane throws light on the challenges of traveling with babies. It is essential to note that the co-passengers of such passengers need to be supportive and understanding, as babies often tend to cry because of changes in the air pressure in the cabin.


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