Fox News Whistleblower’s lawyer: Law enforcement asked us for Fox evidence


The lawyer for a former Fox News producer suing the network joins MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber on “The Beat.” Gerry Fillippatos tells Melber “we’ve been contacted by numerous law enforcement authorities” adding “the discussions are preliminary.”
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  1. They damaged our democracy.

    Here is what I have been saying for years. If you have an opinion show, there should be a warning at the beginning stating that the show is an opinion show after each commercial break.

    "Fox NEWS" channel has blurred that line so far that their elderly, far right views can't discern the difference. The opinion shows shouldn't be on the same level as the actual news.

  2. msnbc , trying to get back all the viewers you lost. Wow , last year you lost 27% of your followers and that trend continues. While youre gnawing on fox dont forget trump. Its what your few remaining followers expect. Great ratings too, just above the bottom eh?

  3. There is a herd of elephants in the room to disguise the fact that the biggest lie has been the myth of White Supremacy and that all of the other lies were spun to create the obscene profits generated by exploiting a three tiered caste system that made it possible to divide and conquer the masses across the spectrum of economic activity.Young people must flood the election boxes with democratic votes for about three decades to create the world they want to grow old on and leave for their grandchildren. Immediately expand SCOTUS to 59 justices because 9 have been too easy to corrupt for most of the past 234 years and most, if not all, challenges in law will wind up there eventually. The 13th-15th Amendments have been abused for over 157 years because they help destroy the myth that feeds the corrupter.

  4. To be fair, Don the Con and the MAGA Cult are directly responsible in guiding Fox to abandon any connection to integrity. When Fox accurately reported the result of the election, Don the Con and the MAGA Cult were outraged, and threatened to abandon Fox for other criminal propaganda operations…!!! As admitted by Rupert Murdoch at deposition under Oath, this set the stage for Fox to chase the money, and outdo the other criminal propaganda operations.

  5. Dominion was the wrong target… and fox paid the price… election was stolen with lab made corona, lockdowns, mail in ballots, a full year of cnn msnbc caused division and blm riots… which will lead to civil war… I hope not I am
    Just one American and I’m sure not dumb enough to do anything. All politicians are bad so who cares

  6. The republican logic in counting election votes is the equivalent of sprinting for the first 100meters of a marathon and declaring victory.

    I seriously don't understand the idiots that buy these lies and put these clowns in office. Beyond ridiculous. If anyone should be disenfranchised it should be stupid people not students.

  7. Contrast this Lawyer with Tacopino… Ellis….Habba…. Bobb….Innumerable other…. bloated misogynistic supremacist narcissist Legal representation from Team Trump… Calm.. dignified.. polite ..respectful.. respecting.. All credit to him, God speed and good luck…

  8. Rupert Murdoch is very arrogant… He considers himself a 'king maker' in many countries and nominates certain politicians as being 'golden' (i.e. untouchable), and the stupid politicians believe him.

  9. Folks need to keep connecting the dots for the obvious picture they're not seeing, which is that Fox wasn't the only entity deliberately lying, it's the members of the coup caucus like Cruz and all the Trumpers.

  10. STOP TAXPAYER FUNDING OF FOX AT MILITARY INSTALLATIONS. Let individuals subscribe out of pocket. R's, D's, & Independents pay taxes. Military votes absentee. No more free Fox Republican propaganda and electioneering on taxpayers' dime.

  11. The most rich thing about this is the statement fox released after the settlement, where they said that the settlement shows how much fox is committed to journalistic integrity.

    If that's not the most hilarious ever uttered, I don't know what is.

  12. Interesting that shortly after this interview .. Tuckerr Carleson has been removed as anchor at Fox news.. No doubt awareness of a massive impending lawsite precipitated Carleson's dismissal.


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