Know these 4 important things related to bread, otherwise along with health, happiness and peace will also be affected.

Know these 4 important things related to bread, otherwise along with health, happiness and peace will also be affected.

Interesting Facts About Roti: There are many such things related to bread, even after knowing about which people become ignorant. We will tell you about some such facts related to roti, about which it is important for you to know. Some people have the habit of counting the rotis while making roti, so that extra rotis are not made. Because then they are forced to throw them away. If seen, making rotis by counting them can be a right step. However, according to Vastu, making rotis by counting is considered inauspicious.

Why should not the breads be counted?

It is said that if breads are made by counting, it can have a bad effect on a person’s life. Apart from this, it can also prove to be harmful for health. Making breads by counting also affects the planets. This is the reason why rotis should never be made by counting. It is also believed that wheat grains are related to Sun God. In such a situation, if you count them while making bread, then it is an insult to the Sun God. By doing this, Sun can become weak in our horoscope. It is also believed in Vastu Shastra that making rotis by counting can disturb the happiness and peace of the family.

Why should not eat stale wheat bread?

Many times it is seen that people knead more dough to lighten the work of the second half and then use this dough many times to make chapatis. You will be surprised to know that making bread made of stale flour can have a bad effect on your Rahu. The person who does this has negative effects on him. This is the reason why our elders are always seen advising that bread made of stale flour should never be eaten. There are scientific reasons for this too. Actually, bacteria start growing in stale flour, which can harm the body in different ways.

Why shouldn’t 3 rotis be kept in someone’s plate?

According to Hindu beliefs, 3 rotis should never be kept in a plate. This is because 3 rotis are made on the death of a person. On the 13th day of mourning i.e. on the thirteenth, 3 rotis are made in honor of the deceased.

Why should the first roti be given to the cow and the last roti to the dog?

It is said that everyone should make the first roti for the cow. The first bread should not be given to any member of the house. Pitridosh is removed by giving the first roti to the cow. While the last bread should always be given to the dog. Because it removes the fear of enmity.

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