Musk snatched the free blue tick from the biggest giants, but these 3 accounts still have…

Musk snatched the free blue tick from the biggest giants, but these 3 accounts still have…

Twitter Blue Tick: Twitter has removed legacy checkmarks from the platform late this evening. Now for Blue Tick on Twitter everyone, be it a celebrity, athlete, actor or common man, all have to subscribe to Twitter Blue for Blue Tick. Despite removing the legacy checkmark, there are three accounts on Twitter that still have blue ticks left. The surprising thing is that the owner of these accounts has not even subscribed to Twitter Blue. Know then how they got blue tick.

got blue tick because of this

Just Shatner, LeBron and Stephen King have got blue ticks on Twitter without paying any money. Actually, Elon Musk himself has filled Twitter Blue’s money for these three accounts from his own pocket. Musk has given this information in a tweet. For these three accounts, Musk is paying more than Rs 3,600 from his own pocket. Surprisingly, when Musk announced paid subscription for Blue Tick, NBA superstar LeBron James and American author Stephen King opposed it and asked not to take Blue Tick. Well, now Musk is bearing the expenses of these three accounts himself.

This is how you can get blue tick

To get Blue Tick on Twitter, you will either have to subscribe to Twitter Blue or you can verify your account through your company. For this, it is necessary for your company to be verified. In fact, Musk has also started a verification program for companies and has given them the facility to affiliate their employees’ accounts with them. The charge for companies is Rs 82,000 per month. The company will have to pay $50 separately for the affiliate account.

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